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Better Days
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Better Days Lyrics (feat. King Los)


Feeling stuck but I know that we'll see better days
Keep your chin up were not far away from better days
Once we get it I bet we'll forget to celebrate
But when we see better days
We'll be in a better place

[Verse 1: Brecreation]

I feel like this day went to waste
Like everything Im doin is a mistake
I should just quit it or go on a break
I don't feel with it I know what's at stake
And I don't want to risk it, so f*ck it I'm finished
And since the beginning I noticed the hate
Thought I was winning and thought I was great
Found out that some of em gotta debate

[Transition: Brecreation]

Honestly, I'm just not feeling this shit.......

[Hook: Brecreation]

You know that we're gonna see better days
You know that we're gonna see better days
f*ck all that talkin when problems get stuck in the way
Take a swing when you get up to the plate
You know that we're gonna see better days
You know that we're gonna see better days
You know that we're gonna see better days
f*ck all that talkin you gotta be locked in when problems get Stuck in the way
Go get that trophy you'd love to display
You know that we're gonna see better days

[Verse 2: Brecreation]

I'm not even worried bout a thing
I just wanna do this on my own time
So when they call all they're getting is a ring
I used to spend too many hours on the phone line
When you get up to the plate take a swing
If you make connections you might hit a home run
Didn't know which path we we're following
But now we see it clearly in the past we were both blind
And I finally realized that the whole time
I've been running it they're calling me the whole nine yards
We'll be with some fine broads
If they wanna climb off
You might get to find yours
If you're searchin
f*ck the money I just want to be a better person
I just want to learn to permanently put this work in
Plus the need to satisfy my purpose is urgent
We'll see better days and that shits for certain
It's real...


[Verse 3: King Los]

Damn the government they set a maze
You're feeling trapped let's find a better way
Let a stray set a [?]
Better pray for a better day
Bet the bank [?] every tank
Every weapon every arm is aimed
Honest that's your army they a harmless thang
Homie they should pay homage on a [?]
f*ck you niggas think this all a game
They're my brothers what you call it gang
Can't relate what you're callin pain
Boy you ain't never felt a ball and chain
Better days, better days
Bet I spend money to educate
Educate mine till we levitate
And fill em with love till it radiates
I would I would kill A coward
Howard scholars give me college
Promise knowledge I'm here droppin dollars
Shopping popping collars
Driving drops and piling
Diamonds on my diamonds
Climbing rhyming bout it
Revolution, retribution, resolution, execution
Let confusion get to movin
Set your moves up get your movement
Boomin who's assuming you're pursuing
Something that ain't true to you
Promise nothin new to you
This shit get so ugly
But that shit's so beautiful
Better days, Better days
Seen every stage
Been through this shit but we never phased, King

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Songwriter(s): King Los, Brecreation
Record Label(s): 2017 Brecreation
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