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B Train


B Train Lyrics

All aboard! All tha whores!

Yo' We came to take shit to tha next stage
And all yall muthaf*ckas betta be brave
Cause it's that new shit, exclusive Jungle & Wiz
Roofless, my nigga, straight out tha ridge

What's happenin comrad, you ready for combat
Aint no turnin back, I drank some cognac
I watch my money stack, it's popin like dat
I broke a nigga back wit a baseball bat
I crack ya f*ckin skull, you need a body bag
Ya family mad and sad, I'll be glad
Ya corpse be layed out in a blood bag
Sneak attack wit tha skee mask in tha mail

See I got no gun range, I got tha block man
I use my gun aim on soggy cornflakes, you best'd run man
No love it's all pain, yall muthaf*ckas don't wanna bang
wit my gang
And these bitches ova here wanna give a nigga brain
Got tha stainless ? police searchin tha range
They wanna war when I'm doin my thang
Got ice all, chains, and rings, and thangs,
If you don't smoke purple you can't hang
Is you a BraveHeart? To tha grave yall
Iight let's get this muthaf*ckin paper
Is you a BraveHeart? To tha grave yall
Iight lets' get this money now not later
Cause it's tha B train, tha B train
All tha hoes all aboard! The B train
All tha hoes all aboard! The B train

Yo,yo it don't stop, f*ck tha cops,body drop
In tha hood, gun shots, pop alot, get tha cash if you could
I'm in tha shade when tha coke is cookin
I got hoes in La to Brimsville, Brooklyn
Jungle's a king, I'm ballin in Queens
Got yellow ice in my pinky rings
Money on my mind, my hand's on tha nine
Understand my nigga it's all about crime

? block is full of money getters,who know tha difference
between shooters & hitters, buyers & sellers, liars & tellers,
knowin & guessin, ?? wait till I catch 'em, his face, I'ma
step in, these Brave niggas got you in a daze
Knowin got me scoopin all tha bitches gettin paid
I like dat, ill will bringin back QB till tha death
These other niggas is wack
Cause it's the B train, the B train
All the hoes all aboard! The B train
All the hoes all aboard! The B train

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Songwriter(s): Waynne Nugent, Michael Epps, Jabari Jones, Writers Waynne, Kevin Risto
Record Label(s): 2003 Sony Music Entertainment Inc
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