Deeper Lyrics

"Deeper (feat. Def Jef & Papa Juggy)"
J. Fortson; R. Samuels; R. Royal; C. Reid; B. White; G. McCrae; T. Robinson; B. Ford; D. Biddy; A. Gay

(spoken by Papa Juggy)
Jah! What'cha rude bwoy
Ya see everytime Bo$$ come, mon
She just come down dangerous!

(spoken by Def Jef)
Yo, what time it is, Bo$$?

I don't really wanna feel
Like I'm in daze
So I smoke and kill
Just to deal
With the ills
Life is f*cked up, trip (Damn!)
My skills ain't payin' bills
And it's f*ckin' with me and my grip
I drink that St. Ides shit
And smoke a ticket
At the same time
Drop a wicked rhyme on my naughty nature
I'm livin' foul (You livin' foul?)
Like the nigga 'bout to bitch
I'm not the woman to sleep
But I'm lost (Yo, that's deep!)
Cause I be on some old "I'm tired of niggas tryin' to come up off a bitches" type thing
And if I don't react the way he want he might swing
His little trick-bitch-ass in another direction
Then don't even use protection
I hate stupid shit assholes can avoid
Yo, and if worst came to worst
I run a board on unemployed
Cause who the f*ck cares
That I got grey hairs
And can't sleep
Know what I mean
(Hell yeah! That's deep!)

(chorus - repeat 2X)
Deeper and deeper
What can I do?

(This is deep, but I'm going deeper!)

Every now and then I start flippin' and get to thinkin' about deep shit
Beyond all that bullshit I shoot at people (Yeah, I know what you mean)
But f*ck it I'm evil
And I'm hip to every bitch tryin' to get a grip
And every nigga tryin' to get a grip
But f*ck that shit
And I say, "f*ck that shit!"
With my mighty middle finger
I'm heavy off into this rap shit,
f*cking singers
Yo, I think I'm gettin' pissed
Cause my dollars ain't makin' no f*ckin' sense
But then again
It's probably all that Chronic that I smoked
I used to be like that
When I was out there slangin' dope
But lately I've been flippin' on some old paranoid shit
Like looking f*ckers up and down
Tryin' to start shit
Cause I'm a hard bitch! (So why don't you just soften up?)
I try to be cool but I get caught up when I go to clubs
Straight up
I don't even trust myself (Yo, you can trust me)
f*ck I know (I'm just like you)
Right, that's deep

Deeper and deeper
Deeper and deeper

(spoken by Def Jef)
Yo, Bo$$, that shit you talkin' 'bout
That's some deep shit, I'm telling you,
Motherf*ckers can't really get with that
Or relate to that shit

[Papa Juggy verse]
Ah hey, hey, just let me tell dem, mon
Every time she come
She's detrimental, mon
Yes, man
Hold this! Ha, ha, ha
Oh let me tell dem again, mon
(Reggae Chant)
Woy, she too hot
Jah, de man seh too hot ah
Jah, man she too hot and every posse know dat ah
Yes, she too hot ah
Jah, man she too hot ah
Ah, errtime she come
Me said, the posse get flat, come!

Deeper and deeper

Aye, yo, I got them buckwild thrills
Livin' foul skills
I'm tryin' to get to Watts
But I'm stuck in Baldwin Hills (Damn)
Tryin' to find myself
For real though,
Check it, if I just rewind myself
I'm seein' that they, they don't hear me talkin'
But it's time to get a stack
Cause I'm about a second away from goin' back
To the corner slangin' dope, (Nah, you don't want to do that shit)
Gankin' brothers, jackin', high-cappin', Moms,
I may be losin' my mind
But better that than my heart (Word)
I talk a lot of shit
But I can back it all the f*ck up
I'm real cool people until some bullshit gets brung up
Look here,
Believe me I ain't comin' out my crib
Tryin' to snap on life
And run out and do some dumb shit
So I be takin' another sip to relax me
And get them problems out my mind that distract me
Life is workin' on my last nerve (Yeah, I hear you, G)
I'll see your ass next week, peace (Yo, that shit is deep)

(chorus - repeat 4X)
Deeper and deeper
What can I do?

(Papa Juggy "Patwah" ad-lib)
Now, rude bwoy understand this, yeah,
Now me seh this [indistinguishable]
Ah yes, Bo$$, you are de best!
Sucker boy can't understand!
Juggy tell dem!
Let me tell ah dem, now
Incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible, incredible
Incredible, incredible (fade - out)

Aye, yo, I got them buckwild thrills
Livin' foul skills
I'm tryin' to get to Watts
But I'm (fade - out)

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Songwriter(s): Benjamin Ross Ash, Jeffrey Andrew Fortson, Barry Eugene White, Ella Eyre, Ricardo Royal, Clarence Reid, Roger Samuels
Publisher(s): SonyATV Music Publishing Allegro Uk, Chrysalis Music, Word Life Music, Frsthngtamyn Vibes, Sa Vette Music, Longitude Music Co.
Record Label(s): 1993 UMG Recordings, Inc
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