Sodom & Gomorrah Lyrics

What goes up must come down
But nothin ever changes for miles around
In the 'burbs, the burroughs or even the towns
In the city
It's a pity

[ VERSE 1: Mondo ]
See, it's hard livin in Sodom where the minds are rotten
And worse in Gomorrah where shorties are concubines
See the women dress Philistine style
Lookin high-minded and butt-naked hopin the black king sweat it
The latest attraction is this hooker tryin to gain
A pleasant favor of the townsmen while jealous women frownin
Women battlin, women can't stay legit
Cause if they want the king's favor, got to work hard for it
Now the godly women with their modest attire
Envies Jezebel with her gold and saphire
Now check the next scenes and transpire
Cause Erica tries to fit the women's model image of America
She had her mind and morals together
She's at the age to find a husband
And couldn't find not on under the sun
"Am I goin to be single 'til I'm 40?
I know this Jezebel gets a (aiyo shortie!)"
She contemplates her life, makes a purchase of jewels
Some miniskirts and now she's breakin fool
To get a little more attention
Add some gloss to the lips and to the dome rocks extensions
I can't forget to mention the whole block ran up in her like a sinner
What a pity, no more virgin's committee
She's the newest Jezebel hooker takin the throne
Don't fall for the Sodomizing syndrome
It goes


[ VERSE 2: Vex ]
I'm on the block, out of nowhere were police with Glocks
In riot gears bustin shots as the spot gets hot
I bounce right on a sidestreet, people run in a flurry
My vision is blurried as I scury, nobody heard me
Cause I move like stealth, yo, they takin my property
But my life is my wealth, my heart's thinkin for self
Adrenaline off the shelf and in full activation
As I turn on my thinker, catch a jake in my blinker
He bust three shots, they dropped like sinkers toward my knee caps
I ease back, they ricochet off the jeep to where he's at
It freezed that demon with sudden death
I broke left and choked breath at the stop for the F
Then I feel the train below my feet
?????? up out the street
It was Sodom & Gomorrah


[ Tysha ]
What goes up must come down
What goes up must come down
What goes up must come down
What goes up must come down

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