Bodya Lyrics

It goes
Come on

[ Vex ]
Bassline penetration with the God Sound vibration
Me and M-o used to demo, but no longer demonstrations
Strictly consecration for my people seem to be in a state of incarceration
Can't lift they mindstate off the plantation
Get off the block, brotherman, with no hesitation
Vex be like the logo cause my mode be on evasion
Have y'all bouncin like a pogo while exposin ill Freemasons
At the top of the charts or out in space stations
This is your cancellation, flip on you like you flipped the boat of Haitians
Boogiemonsters take the world by sensation
Elation fills the speakers, knock the woofers, pierce the tweeters
Unique is the duo doin judo on kids with heaters
Sparkin, read 'The Keys of This Blood' by Malachi Martin
???? makes me feel like revolution startin
And plus I got the heart in this to rip apart in this
The ??????? have us all act our part in this
The art in this will have Nova Scotia up on the culture
All the way in Saudi Arabia
Yo, they sayin bodya...
(Bodya) [repeated]

[ Mondo ]
Now all cease with the anger, enraptured by the beast from the manger
Ha-ha, what up stranger, you're headin straight for danger
So I be the ranger, you're chokin like the midnight strangler
See, we must escape from New York, my life goes beyond 40 bottles and pork
The government eliminates the poor like it's sport
We gotta keep you open, hip-hop is how you walk and how you talk
???? for the love of pride we think we holdin down some fort
The instability and insecurity
I see we need to open up your eyes and realize
That this New World Order's on the rise in no disguise to the wise
I'm obliged whenever I speak on those lies
Those highly govermental guys tell me
Biblical foundations never fail me, I see the world fallin
Wisdom speaks to me and I speak back to God, I know my calling
Now since your ears are lendable
Some feel like the blackman is expendable
For real, the devil's thoughts be ill
Deeper than Atlantis, we in the land of steel
And if AIDS ain't a man-made disease, my name is Jill

(Bodya) [repeated]

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