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Just Vibe
Bone Thugs N Harmony
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Just Vibe Lyrics

[Intro - Wish & Layzie]
[Wish] Kray, Lay
[Lay] Whattup Wish?
[Wish] You know how we used to get that vibe, back in the day?
[Lay] Oh yeah, most definitely
(East 99 is where you'll find us slanging that llello daily, daily...)
[Wish] Yeah!
[Lay] Yeah...
[Wish] I remember that
[Lay] Me too
(It's the First of Tha Month...)
[Wish] You know we used to get our hustle on, from the 1st to the 15th?
(See you at the crossroads, crossroads...)
[Wish] Aw man, we touched alot of people with this one!
[Wish] A whole lotta people with this one!
(See you at the crossroads, crossroads...)
[Wish] Whoa... that was deep!
[Lay] That was from the heart, dog
(Stalkin, gat fools, walkin jack-move, jack-move...)
[Wish] Aw man, this was that street right here...
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)
[Wish] Y'all remember? This was that street right here!
[Lay] East 99...
[Wish] Let's VIBE!

[Verse One]
[Kray] Now we done blew up, fell off, but came right back up from grindin overtime!
[Wish] And you know what's real, we used to wear each other's shoes - what's yours, you know is mine
[Lay] Mine too! Can't deny, how the time fly by, it feel like it was just yesterday!
[Kray] When we was in the streets, stressed for llell, now we pullin up in big Escalades
[Wish] All paid for, money on the wood, so it's no car notes
[Lay] We far from broke, that's all I know
[Lay] So you better get it right when it comes to my folks, cause we gon ball out
[Kray] Blow a little bit of weed, smoke y'all out
[Kray] We get everybody goin off our style...
[Wish] Show 'em out to do it, thugsta stay right
[Wish] He ain't rollin how I roll when I ride!
[Lay] We gon' suit up again, incase y'all want war
[Lay] Gon' do it again, until we can't no more
[Kray] Blowin in the wind with a refreshin blow
[Kray] Who knew in the end, that we would be so cold
[Wish] It was hard, yup, no, but we can't let go, no
[Lay] Middle finger to the po-po! It's that thuggish-ruggish
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)
[Lay] And the whole world love it, we gon' give it to 'em like, like!

[Hook - 2X]
[Lay] Round and round and round we go
[Kray] Now you can ride my vibe...
[Lay] Now just vibe, just vibe, just vibe
[Kray] My vibe, my vibe, my vibe...
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)

[Verse Two]
[Kray] Come and get on the level with me, a regular G's
[Kray] Uncomparable, none like these...
[Kray] Unpredictable, harmonies...
[Kray] Mystic, lyrical, gotsta be... Bone, Bone!
[Wish] Cause we make the songs!
[Wish] No matter what you're feelin, you can vibe out to Bone!
[Wish] Straight off the dome!
[Wish] Up in it playa, let's go, flow so strong!
[Lay] No matter how we do it we gon' always keep it real
[Lay] Even when the higher powers wanna ban our noise
[Lay] It'll be back to the block with some rocks and a radio
[Lay] Reppin on a corner like the bandaid boys
[Kray] Boy, runnin around, puttin it down - flowin!
[Kray] Niggaz was wild, we did it all - knowin!
[Kray] We was the coldest in the city we showed em
[Kray] How to get it crackin like a real true soldier!
[Wish] Doin' our thing, since back in the day-day
[Wish] Chasin change, we gonna make it either way-way
[Wish] One-way bus tickets, Eazy listened and
[Wish] Flied us back to the block, now he's gone
[Lay] Now I got a little money in my pocket, about a couple G's
[Lay] It's been a long time since I got it from the streets
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)
[Lay] I ain't worried about a beef, but I do keep heat
[Lay] Incase these haters ain't vibin with me!

[Hook - 2X]
[Lay] Round and round and round we go
[Kray] Now you can ride my vibe
[Lay] Now just vibe, just vibe, just vibe
[Kray] My vibe, my vibe, my vibe...
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)

[Verse Three]
[Kray] Now tell me who the realest niggaz ever heard...
[Wish] Gotta be them Bone boys, listen and learn
[Lay] I know they can't believe it, but it's still our turn
[Kray] So let's get POD'd and tweeded, tweeded, off herb...
[Wish] We stay high, high, all day long, in the mornin when I open my eyes!
[Lay] So it ain't no big surprise, how they ride the vibe and get hypnotized!
[Kray] Took in by flow, they bank potent like dro...
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)
[Kray] After one toke they want some more... they can't let go!
[Wish] Still get it on the low - if it's right there, I can't let that go
[Wish] I'm a hustler, survivor, strugglin, no lie, on dollars plus more!
[Lay] If you really need to know, Mr. Bill Collector's alive
[Lay] Step on the scene, collect my green
[Lay] Gimme everything that you got, cause I really wanna go!

[Hook - 2X]
[Lay] Round and round and round we go
[Kray] Now you can ride my vibe
[Lay] Now just vibe, just vibe, just vibe
[Kray] My vibe, my vibe, my vibe...
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)

[Outro - Wish & Layzie]
[Wish] Man I remember when we used to try to catch that vibe off that Banana Red
[Lay] Man we used to drink that motherf*ckin Thunderbird with the Kool-Aid in it
[Wish] Ah-ho man, but remember Olde E and Crazy Horse?
[Lay] Aw, that shit dog, but you know what was crazy, the Chuggalo!
[Wish] Oh man, we used to sit around, and put everything in one thang and just DRINK it!
[Lay] Man, everybody put that candle in the middle, boy we used to be vibed out
[Wish] Haha!
[Lay] Hit up magic man for them dime sacks, bout fifteen joints
(It's that Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone-Bone...)
[Wish] But you know what, it wasn't nothing like that Sisco!
[Lay] Ooooh, that Sisco, that Wild Isles Rose was that shit though
[Lay] That, put that hair on ya chest...

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