Get It Lyrics

[Layzie Bone:]
We can get it on [x4]

Throw the hands up
Nigga cross your grill
Put the gun down
Nigga keep it real
See the truth of a matter
Your a pussy dogg
Like a caword nigga your ready to kill
Still the fact remains
You ain't got no heart you ain't got no brain
Bust a nigga your lame
What murder to get a name
I go to war for 2 thangs
My family and my paper
My money moves
They stay mentioned
Nigga you cross the line and I fade ya
If you want it you can get it
And that's on every thing I love
From the good one from the shoulders
I'll bring it to any of you thugs nigga
See the bone (bone)
Let me spell it out S U double T E S S
Nigga flat out
And I herd about inuf drama
Inuf pain
To much strip
Take this shit to the middle of the streets nigga if you wanna fight
When it's time to go
Nigga that's it
Like trany day nigga man up
Go ahead nigga stand up
Put them hands up and let them fly
You niggas are scared like shit
I'll tell a bitch don't make a move
Any one of you got shit to prove
Let it all
Lil Lay get loose

We can get it on [x4]

[Bizzy Bone:]
Been in the good 5 street war's and Barbrum Brawls
And the orgaments with the family but we family ya'll
Hit em back together while we laugh it off
Baby you mean so much
How come we always stayed out of touch
So many tears that the children? there dad
And I'm trying to provide our kids instead I'm in the ground but sad
As the life grows
I need a hum but a bowl
If u think about it so war
Cause the world so cold
I got to provide stay wide and tear slowly
Gota get by myself and pray to the lord so lonely
Missin my bone thug homies
And pun look fire? big-e smalls
Just we represent the one(one)
Long life prosperity
A huge f**king family
My granny felling many ish and she
Cared for me
Time to get it together switch
And shine so bright
Prays god in the darkness of the light

We can get it on [x4]

[Layzie bone:]
Nigga we gunna ride till the wheels fall off
Calla cones and real sawed off
So I'm gunna bust a nigga on the dome
Body bags they will hard off
And the truth is on my brothers sentence
Henchmen on a f**king mention
Money and the power is what I'm after
Nigga so pay attention
And if I catch a nigga steeling dough
I'm taking all this property
Don't make me have to pop this heat
Nigga what u got for me
Bow don't don't say a word
Nigga I am the man
What you ain't heard
Talk that shit and you will get served
Word is spot and don't make me loose my word

We can get it on [x4]
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