Bone Brothers - Rollin Drinkin


Rollin Drinkin Lyrics

[Intro: Bizzy]
Rollin, rollin
(Now we the motherf**kers that's gon' keep it gangsta up in here)
Rollin, smokin yeah, rollin
(Yeah, smokin and drinkin, I'm feelin fine, praise God)
Rollin, smokin, rollin (nine nine nine nine, yeah)

[Chorus: Bizzy Bone]
Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin (drinkin yeahhhh)
Rollin, rollin, rollin, smokin yeahhhh (drinkin)
Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, smokin yeahhhh
Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, smokin yeahhhh
Rollin, smokin, drinkin, drinkin

[Layzie Bone:]
Tonight's the night that I close the bar, shakin this life ain't hard to do
I sit and I stare from across the room, contemplate drinkin all this Goose
After that it be Absolut, I did what I thought I had to do
My book told me I had no clue, I guess I was [? ] have to view
Chasin cash and livin fast is the only way that I know
And up until now I had no doubts, I thought it was I say go
Livin the fly way so long, on the highway hold on
How did my way go wrong? But it's Friday so gone (pour me a drink)
I'm finna indulge a bit cause real life on some other shit
When I had it they loved them gifts, it's f**ked up how the game'll shift
Explain to me, why everythang wanna change on me, it's plain to see
When I was up you was down for me, gotta have a drink 'fore it's time to sleep
Gotta be around the beat, cause music is poppin with plenty of action
Pretty women and Hennessy, the beautiful ones that's keepin it crackin
Even though they dimes, you the only one on my mind
Even though they dimes, you the only one on my mind girl


[Layzie Bone:]
I struggle to bubble so make me a double
I promise bartender I won't give no trouble
I know I'm a rebel that been on the hustle
It's really no worries, ain't facin no muscle
And I don't wanna argue, so do somethin to make me feel better
I promise this stuff right here, really do make me chill better
Live better, act smart, I ain't trippin out cause I got heart
Drink the whole fifth without flippin out, that right there now that's art
And plus I'm already in trouble for some real drama
And plus this life I lead got me thinkin about my lil' mama
She won't return my calls...
She won't return my calls, y'all
I'm startin to wonder if she love me at all
Startin to question if she love me at all
Cause I've been callin, callin...
And I've been dialin, dialin...
This club is too crowded, crowded...
It feel like I'm drownin, drownin; tryin to get the f**k up out it


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