Lemonade Lyrics

Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is
I’m filling up with the juice, grab a proof
Be stepping hot as it’s the truth
Then my blues be propping off in my what, to what?
10 minutes … said I be popping off, illuminary with them blueberry rocks
I got them blueberry chucks, chuck berry socks
Need a cherry drop, the cranberry scotch
Chain of blue scot, it ain’t money when I cruise by
Chain corking on the freaks, stay walking
I’m a too fly nigga, suit tie nigga, choose wise, match like
Lighters ain’t little, had a tutu hot
I was the new nigga and now I’m too ties daily
Day and night, baby sitting, is it just me
Fitting like plush zigz biggy, just be kinda like
Just plays nigga, get your roof paused, out of my sheet coke
Blu, past tense for the bip thoughts, biatch!!!
Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is

I’m talking about trips, lidies on the walls with bottles to pop
Pimp shit up in my whip, and models the amount of money
Falling out of my pockets
It’s like hey, hood heavy with the chevy white walls
I’m a …all the money in the stars and the sky falling
Big bosses run shit, why try crawling
I was 5 walking out of my mind into this real world
One hand open tryina feel for
Notorious deals, the film’s foreign
Built for the love, but the realest still storm
Quarter mills make you wonder what kind of mills fulfilled
I want the answer on the plate with the bill too
I’m spilling loot out of my misery like champagne
Still into with the ladder to do the damn thing
Step your man’s game up, the man’s way up
Roll that drove in the bill, blaze one for the
Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is

Sauce, money and flux, I crush it all can
Soft hand…old shit down
Brims town barnament, bucks, I puff a spliff down
Big south quarter, my chucks with the f**ks,
My chevy been heavy, and heavy, rims ready with the skins
Let them in nah brah, he never met me just learn
Over a burny…cause you’re …
I’m merging from the bridge, with kids burglars from burners
Burning ernie in the from seat, with the attorney workin on the mass case
Cause your paper does not concern me
Don’t worry bout theburly brothers with me, they getting the cut
Play defense like the taylor fit your feelings…
Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is.

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Record Label(s): 2013 New World Color

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