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Supastar Lyrics

Supastar, supastar, supastar,
supastar, lets blaze it.
You're my Supastar, Im you're
number one fan by far, rollin
in my blacked out car, tinted
windows dropped made eye
contact, as a matter of fact,
I see you're body and it made
an impact on mine, come
ride with me, its 6 o'clock,
come chill on the block,
we'll go cruising, find a place
to stop, I think about you
non-stop, so i'm taking this
time just to be with you.

6 o'clock I never stop until
I find what i want, I find what
I want a fly chick what i want,
I rock drive through the block,
it does'nt take long cause
I'm right in the spto, I've never
seen a girl like this but she's
hot, tanned skin long legs
right on top, now I'm
with a chick in the whip and
says stop, come on lets go
straight to the club.

Come on girl let me be your
Supastar, we can ride all day,
roof down in the car, then
stop off get a cold drink at a
bar, coz you look so fine and
you shine like a star, you had
a short white skirt and your
top cut low, smooth skin and
the wind would make your
hair blow, girl your flow was
so tight I just could'nt say no,
I said jump in the ride buckle
up and lets go.

Supastar, face from a movie
screen, supastar, like the
cover of a magazine, no
matter what you do, you'll
always be my supastar,
supastar, I'm your number
one fan by far, supastar.

You know girl you're my
supastar, and I'm your number
one fan by far, you remind me
of a face from a movie screen,
I think I've seen you on the
cover of a magazine, wait,
hold up, was that all a dream,
no that's the film that I've
seen, I wanna touch I wanna
tease I wanna hold I wanna
please ya, and I really wanna
see you again.

You're my supastar girl I see
your name in lights, me and
you will reach amazing
heights, you're on the front
cover of a new magazine,
then I see your face on a
movie screen, I like everything
about ya, your body your
eyes, girl you're more
precious than a golden prize,
everytime I see ya I'm
hypnotised, I'm your number
one fan you best realise.

[Rocky B]
Jammin in a whip about
midday, in need of a chick
coz i just got played, then
I clocked dis chick walking
straight my way, a supastar
chick just like Beyonce,
she was carrying Gucci and
Prada bags, so then i thought
to myself let me help her out,
pulled over do you want a
ride, the answer was yes
how could she deny.

[Repeat Chorus]

Mon cherie, don't you worry
about a thing, whether you
fail or succeed, I want you to
know, you'll always be my.

[Repeat Chorus x2]

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Songwriter(s): Lee Bailey, Stuart Baker, Sam Foulkes, Oliver Georgio, Mustafa Omer, Christopher Mckeckney, Tom Beasley, James Murray, James Mackenzie, Marcel Somerville, Eshraque Mughal, Clifton George Cole

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