Juicy Fruit Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
True estates, everybody living life
More appeal to them hoes if you spend it right
Damier mean pumps full, for Harlem night
We gon' touch the sky, you gon' meet a star tonight
Cigar clipper, smoke in the air now
I got you babe, now she feelin' like Cher now
Sunny side up, welcome to the realest team
We got weight in our city, no triple beam
And dreams of a million dollar nigga
I'm far fetched, I'm a million dollar spitta
I pull words out the air, bluetooth
And we ballin' over here, we don't shoot hoops
If it's something that you want, you gotta take it
I just want it all, Lauren Londons and Sanaa Lathans
You can thank me later, word to Drake
And I'm on my job, nigga you supposed to hate
I'm a sinner hoping God don't close the gate
I love pussy and liquor, I think I know my fate
I got two hoes, I think I'm Jack Tripper
I love a lil weave if you a track listener
[?], clothes fittin' Euro
We can get high, you ever been to Pluto
Five bottles in, well tell em bring two more
Everyday is Friday, bitch nigga Deebo
Uh and rest in peace to Pimp C
I'm a hog in the game, they gon' remember me... bitch
And fake niggas do fake shit
Make a movie out them hoes, take six

And that's what ya girl say (I like it)
She never wanna leave, she always wanna stay
She know I'm gonna pay, and that's okay cus (I like it)
Make money get fly too
Paper planes, you gon' meet the sky boo
Uh real niggas do real shit
Since I'm a real nigga, I'm a need a real bitch (I like

[Verse 2:]
Wine connoisseur, toast to my haters
I swear I got appeal like I'm flossing all the latest
We can sin here, we ain't gotta go to Vegas
I'm just tryna f**k, I ain't really got the patience
Intact keep my hoes in a cadence
Tryna break hearts, don't tell me that it's sacred
I know that I'm they favorite, they ain't gotta let me
I got bars, call a nigga federal
Roof Chris poor the house, we gon' live it up
How I'm 'posed to pull ya hair if you gon' pin it up
Why would these haters get me mad when I don't give a
Wack the beat, Toni Tone you a f**king schmuck
Adidas sweats, my shoes I don't lace em up
I'm with Mike off the 'tron, we just call it pluck
Two jawns with the ball, philly shit
Dumb brain man I swear this girl a idiot
I'm in my nudies with some girls that ain't groupies
Do it for the common wealth, but my shirt say [?]
Sexy lady, tryna catch a matinee
I'm on my DC shit, man they don't know me Tre
Man they don't know The Board, and what you sippin' on
We eat filet mignon, you know a nigga gone
I think I'm out my mind, the flow is insane
I got bitches like I'm Prince, Purple Rain
The girls want a nigga with some money
Keep my sunglasses on even though it ain't sunny
Uh a real nigga and I'm real fly
I'm a do it big boo, Bed-Stuy


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