Courtney Love Lyrics

We believe in freedom and everybody's a legion
Some finding the kind of eye to these haters I'm
getting even
And I am the f**king reason why Virginia getting swaggy
While my ex mate that she left me
While me new bitch glass has me
I'm in sandy [?] go charging anything that I desire
I'm the reason that she's here I am her earth winning
Me custle up like a bosky I rather shit his holy not
And I'm with the moguls throw the drivers in the
parking light
Skurt, easy on the turn glass for the current yeah
As the switch it switch burn
Fine fine I'm just taking what I earn and I'm cooler
than the fan
Bitch I'm straighter than a [?] people know it
They just sort it not thye budge it
And we all in couch but the plane is gone the dubman
I wonder who she's f**king just to women into wishing
And I'm smoke out think I need an enterventing
Took me a moly, I'm Vegas I'm [?] bumping the sad life
What's up I'm too trill, f**k my bitch feelings this
one time I had to
Black thought it's easy me niggas we rat room
Write it it had it in my skin and my head I'm top ten
And me rapper f**k them [?] this is just another day
And we gonna do it in this telly don't be asking where
I stay
And I like f**king strippers but the niggas ask me if I
They like why you
Never see me they've been asking if I [?]
And my bitch bad looking like a bag of money
And she scream chills when she tell me that she coming

And please just [?] I've been thinking you don't see me
And this si be your way I'm f**king with my niggas easy
And toasting with the balls I know Rickie rolls
Mayback to my future I need money just to cow
To see the bitches getting dick and tell em kiss the
f**king ring
See the bitches getting dick inside and kiss them
f**king ring
Bitch I'm sweet jane drop the answers [?] right
And if we got something dick then I sugest to do it
Can't see the bitches give em dick and tell em kiss the
f**kign ring
You killin shit at fur I pull up in the f**king me
You really think I give a f**k because I ask you what
you think
This is my ego on a million I just tell myself a [?]
I say get the f**king [?] what the two pot holla grant
[?] say [?] with alizee that's f**king real I am
Got an uncle out in hatie [?]
Be away forever I'm tryin to rocka tell her
And all my niggas stone oh o don't tell rozeta
New go watch uh
New go chain uh
Young wife bitch uh
Crack cocaine
I just need some Courtney Love
Since I'm black cocaine
Every hater hatin on me you should watch your damn
I just need some Courtney Love
Bumping never mind
Cheers on the way and my mmother f**king time yeah
Yeah, Courtney Love
Show me love what it does, ghetto

Hey black I swear I'm focused them bitches
Looking they know with some bumping bottles with
And [?] with the smokers
While they told us to [?] this is always almost the
Let you out I keep cheeping the dope is rapped and the
South side I rap the soldiers and poverty couldn't hold
I got with the OG he the worst that told us
And I [?] south east and put em right on my shoulders
They do [?] for choffers
We're tryin to [?] over
[?] I'm the coldest I'm hang with the pistol told us
Never hang with these rappers
They laugh more that the promoters
Never love more for em
We cheat em as they with [?]
Them niggas prple the hat and they work in the [?]
Bottom I cam from me now watch out them lanes
And [?] me and my niggas stoppin
We all got the same from me
My thoughts are the game run it
Don't run it you're getting [?]
Cheers on [?] thirty and salute my nigga black oh

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