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[Intro: Blueprint - Speaking]
Yo, you know. Everywhere I go, fools be like
"Print! Where's the album at man? When the-when the f*ck are you comin' out man? "
I'm like, "Homie. I told you already man. I workin' on that shit
It's comin' man. It's comin' right down the pipe. Seriously"

[Verse 1:]
Thanks for y'all patience
Glad y'all could make it
"Where's your new record? ", I guess I'm anticipated
I get asked so much it's gettin' hard to take it
I'm about to f*ck around and tell y'all my dog at it
Psych, I'm only playin'
But really y'all can name it
I probably been through it so I might as well explain it
A couple years back, the art seemed so sacred
I know what a classic is and now I wanna make it
Two years awaitin', in the crib, creatin'
Once I finish it I find out I gotta change it
See my mentality with samples is, "Just take it"
Never thought that who I sampled might not appreciate it
Ain't sure how I got away with it
In the past
But this time around they probably gon' sue my ass
I guess there's no more doin' what I want to do
Clearin' samples legally, yeah right, c'mon dude
Kanye, the only man that can afford to
So if you ain't him, you starin' at a lawsuit

[Speaking: Blueprint]
Damn, oh word? It's like that? Okay

[Verse 2:]
f*ck it I ain't mad, but everybody asks
"Why you ain't drop yet like these other guys have? "
I ain't trippin' on them, I'm on my path
But to be honest with you, my hard drive crashed
I know it's kinda bad, lost a couple rhymes I had
It's kinda sad no matter what kind of grind you have
I let some time past
f*ck it, refined my craft
Sky's the limit, but the ceiling's kinda like glass
Might hit your head on it if you rising fast
And you can only break through it if you write a smash
Album cover done
Asked my man's opinion
He said, "It's cool, but you can probably make a bigger statement."
I'm like, "Damn fam. You prolly right.
If I'm gonna knock it out of sight then it gotta be tight."
Funny what you think is great
I think is just aiight
And what I think is great you might think ain't tight
It's just music man
Ain't no right or wrong
The formula can teach people how to write a song
No guarantee that people gonna like a song
So let me end this shit and get my album done
I'm out

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Record Label(s): 2009 Rhymesayers Entertainment, LLC
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