Truth Hurts Lyrics (feat. Nate Traveller & Sylvan Lacue)

[Verse 1: BZZY]
Suicidal thoughts in my apartment
This thing called love could be exhausting
I found too much comfort in darkness
I'm talking from the heart but your heartless, so
I'm sipping, trying to get my mind off this
To find myself in the p*ssy that I got lost in
Disagreeing with both sides of my conscious like
"Do I want this?" Naw f*ck it, I'm off this
So, I hit the hotel bar and get a glass of whisky
As I'm venting to the stranger sitting next to me
The good things I messed up, starting to mess with me
The shit I got away with starting to get to me
I'm on some Kurt Co shit
Me being perfect, that's a lie I gotta keep up with
My girl thinks that I'm an angel
My demons no strangers
She admires the girl that I sneak out with
In my music I talk about other women and
Affairs I be having like she ain't listening
I say "It's just words" when she asks about it
She believes my lies and we laugh about it
Damn, I'm hurting in myself
The love you deserve I'm searching for in myself
How could I give it to you, if I ain't got it for me
Girl this isn't just a verse, I'm crying out for help
But I tell her these are only words
As I'm riding through the city with a friend of hers
Trying to find better words
I don't know how to tell her cause the truth hurts

[Chorus: Nate Traveller]
Before I jump I leave these words behind
I been way too hard on myself
I can lie try to say I'm fine
But I'm tired and I need truth
I'm coming home, I'm coming home
Would you please leave the door unlocked
So I can wake up by your side
One last time, before I jump

[Verse 2: BZZY]
I told one of my best friends that i'ma kill him for f*cking up my money
Was I wrong for it?
Or maybe my friends ain't really friends
And they just know where I'm going so they string along for it
Damn, I'm tired of ringing alarms
I'm tired of hearing disses from people I help put on
How quickly they forget really f*cks with my heart
That shit just really tears me apart
Betrayal is something I don't forgive
Yet I let them back in for them to backstab me again
And if I die before I turn this album in
All I ask is give my kid publishing
Look, I'm just trying to find what I lost
Suicide bomber trying to die for a cost
Nothing lasts forever, it's hard to ignore
I love her but I can't stay around 'till divorce
Cause when the truth comes out
I don't wanna see you move out
Cause when the loves all gone
And the pressure is on
And the voodoos gone wrong what do you now
Look I'm the modern day Van Gogh
I made a pregnant woman cry all it Sorrow
Looking in the sky now all I see is crows
My self portrait is in the music I wrote
2 years since me and my best friend spoke
I called him yesterday I
Heard nothing back though
I'm not saying that I'm not an asshole
It's hard for me to let the past go
I'm hanging on a tight rope
Caroline is gone I'm sill suicidal
Which goes to show, wasn't her it was me
Before I Jump I need y'all to see

[Hook: Sylvan LaCue]
Way too many blunts cause I choke
Remember back when I didn't smoke
Hmm, remember back when I didn't cope
I'm wrong but I still defend the hoax
I got it like i'm wearing Poppas baseball glove, holding my shit in
All's well don't always end well, practice forgiving
We wasn't perfect, I wanna let you in but do we deserve it?
Intentions got blurry
Desire us, plus the perks of our love and it irks me
Betting off potential obsessed with our worries
We're falling apart but f*ck we're worthy
Copped a place and got engaged
What was we in a hurry for man
Show me some mercy
I done came a long way from Iced teas and McFlurrys
From home cooked meals, and phone booked bills and maturity
Drove our bonds to obscurity
I was selfish with my actions, now I can't take it back
Thoughts of my unborn been searching for some
Answers to mourn
And turn the scary pain of love into laughter
For now I bare you farewell and save that ending for another chapter

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Record Label(s): 2018 Good Luck Forever
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