What's Done Is Done Lyrics

Know when it's over
Can't change the past
What's Done Is Done
You're walking the street
Analyzing, on how it began
Thought it was love
Now we see

I would never change a damn thing I've done in my life
All this hatred towards me, I'm still alright
Every minute every mile, I can't change who I am
All this drama in the world I don't give a damn
You can't interupt my world and my dreams
Always gotta prove myself is what it always seems
At the end of every storm cloud, there is sunlight
I'm just sayin' keep ya head up and it'll be alright
I can take it all the way it'll still be the same
Even leave me in the streets in the pourin' rain
My pain and happiness collides for this time
So displace the hate and just free your mind
Ain't done shit that I'll ever regret
Even in the times my heart was ripped out my chest
And you can bet it all wasn't fun
But I can't change my past, What's Done Is Done

What's Done Is Done, you can't change me
I keep movin' on, 'cause it's my destiny (Repeated)

What's Done Is Done, the time can't change
Everytime I look back I realize thangs ain't the same
I've made some bad choices, wrong decisions
When my parents told me the truth, I should've listened
You can't change that, and you can't change me
This is my life, and it's the way it'll always be
But if I could turn back time I would've listened to Saint
Never got with her, because it resulted in hate
But I'm back to Tha Klepto once and for all
And you can't change the fact that Bio Killaz still standin' tall
I'm loud, I'm an asshole, I'm simply too crazy
But if you diss me, realize the words can't faze me
Hate me, because I'll never change for you or them
I said f**k this nation once, and I'll say it again
f**k this nation, 'cause I hate everyone
It's too late now 'cause What's Done Is Done

What's Done Is Done, you can't change me
I keep movin' on, 'cause it's my destiny (Repeated)

When it's all said and done, who can you turn to?
Can ya have enough trust to make sure they don't hurt you?
Who's gonna come and then cry at your death?
And who can you rely on when you ain't got nuthin' left?
I guess all I'm really sayin' is as life flies by
Keep ya boys by ya side and enjoy da ride
You only live once, go out and have some fun
f**k tha past 'cause it's the present to the future, What's Done Is Done

Stop for a minute, sit down young shorty
Analyze me, become the hate and the glory
When it comes down to it, I'm just a simple man
I wrote lyrics while I've swet and bled from these very hands
I am who I am and you can't change that
Dividin' all these years now look at where I'm at
I'll never give up on my hopes and dreams
You can try all you want, but you can't change me

What's Done Is Done, you can't change me
I keep movin' on, 'cause it's my destiny (Repeated)

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Record Label(s): 2017 Purgatory Studios Productions

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