Murder The Nation Lyrics

Murderation control of the mind
Situation death you'll find
Left you behind when I kick my flow
So I'm 'bout to bring it back like you don't even know
'Bout to bring it back so hold your breathe
Your crew ain't shit, bullet to your chest
Left to ya left, look to ya right
Drop to tha ground, bitch nighty night
Sniper on the roof, one clean shot
Out with the quickness got no proof
There I am in the dark alleyway
Up on the fire 'scape time to pay
No words to say when I let the bullets spray
Can't stop me, ain't no way
Work for the government, do it for the pay
Murda Fo Free, night or day
All at random, victim I choose
I'm the bar-beast that made my move
All my pain is what I gotta prove
All my life, nuthin' to lose
No vacation, relation, to tie me down
Takin' you down to the ground
No sound, your body never found
You can't stop me even when I sleep
Even when you're countin', I'm takin' out your sheep
Murda for me, gets me high
Ain't nuthin like makin' people die
A grown man cry when I hit'em in the spine
When I steal your shine, your soul becomes mine
All mine, All mine

Murderation murderation murderation murdering the nation (repeated)

Oh oh shit, here I come again
Let us begin with a muthaf**kin' ten
A muthaf**kin' blast to ya mutha f**kin' chin
Anutha muthaf**kin' win, sunk in grin
Rin-tin-tin, a ratta-tat-tat
Gat to ya back, blow ya stack and it's like that
Visions go black, murda over crack
Murda Fo Free, murda muthaf**ka f**k with me
You stuck wit me, no luck wit me
Black bat crack, to ya muthaf**kin' knee cap
Pop, mutha f**k a cop, stop drop, I'm on parole
Outta control, po-po murda 5-0
Still alive yo, Bio Killaz, Tha Klepto
Let's go here we go, time for you to die
Grown man cry wit a shank to tha eye
I despise muthaf**kin lies mind paralyzed
Wit my thoughts that collide coincide homicide
Dead Sea Ryde, ima do or die type of guy
Murderation sly, murder rates be high
Barrels to da sky, don't f**k wit a drive-by
Suicide, sumn nice, wrists sliced, once or twice
Bloody nights, bloody fights, out goes ya lights
f**k your rights, f**k your dedication
And f**k this nation, that's whut I'm statin'
This nigga ain't hatin', I speak my mind
I'm the next Sniper, and the next Columbine
The next World Trade, Kamikaze Bomber
Next Pearl Harbor, and the next Jeffrey Dahmer
So if you step, think before you flex
Just remember you're next, whut
You're next, whut whut whut, you're next

Murderation murderation murderation murdering the nation (repeated)

Assassination to a new level
I've done dirt so call me a shovel
A grave digga devil, you better bow down
This undergound God, where's my crown?
We all Hell bound so burn in the fire
Purgatory squire, call me a liar
Grab me a wire, wrap around your neck
Look into my eyes reality check
I got me a scalpal, time to disect
Playin' Doctor-Patient, next

Next a killa wit a bad attitude
A rude, crude, f**ked up dude
Crazy like a cartoon shootcha wit a harpoon
Bloody afternoon, maybe you die soon too
Drug deal slangin', Ghetto bangin'
Cocaine swangin', corpses hangin'
Danglin', changin' up, like whut mutha f**k
I disrupt, corrupt and erupt a society
Like a virus quietly, keep tryin' me
Dyin' constantly, a monstrosity, but this is the way that it gotsta be

Don't f**k wit me, or I'll rip out your throat
Ran outta bullets, pipe bombs in my coat
Sunk ya boat, in Shit's Creek
When ya get out, wipe ya feet
Rise outcha seat, grand applause
Ima muthaf**kin killa I got no cause
Cut off ya head, land in ya lap
Not drop my smoke, whutcha think about that?

Now ya got me thinkin' about the kill
The thrills, the chills, on the real
Of my blood spill my murda is mad ill

Murderation murderation murderation murdering the nation (repeated)

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