Focus Lyrics (feat. Young Dro)

My ... four times free, big part time teacher
Me and Keisha's cool cause I used to f**k Tammy
... sister gave move to Miami
Keisha wants to travel now I'm taking her to Mexico
... here once and I ain't need f**k the whole
'Course I told Rico that Tammy can't stand me
For f**king bitch me and you are like family
If ... round nigger shouldn't trust him
For ... motherf**king brother
Speaking to the G code f**k one of these ...
Cause I went and told what he saying back to Rico
Rico got mad as hell and start clicking
Put the pistol out and told me stay off by the ...
Told me he would kill me if I'd ever f**k his bitches
He ain't ... shit ... chicken
Rico trippin out, Rico know I ain't no whose
Rico know he should of killed me,
Rico know I should ain't gonna go
Rico see ... decision, if you steal a f**king ...
Rico still own me a money ... planned on letting know
Rico mamma know my mamma, we're like family, Rico's smart
But if Rico knows what I know can no ... gun
I know Rico ain't no sucker, Rico's girl he can holler
Rico ... in a minute, but if ... apart
And Rico f**king Tammy cause he wanna pay back Keysha
Keysha wanna pay back Rico, I don't give a f**k bout needle
The ... Keisha so f**ked up she been f**king with that needle
Gave that bitch a couple of space, she caught Rico off the middle
Rico walked me to the house, I was stand right on the couch
Rico thought he seen a ghost, he's just standing by the door
Rico one shot to the head, Keisha's claiming that he did
You know one thing he knowing, Keisha...

You're a real nigger, ... run away, never change, gather ...
If my ... realize, streets ...
...Looking Keisha ...

Guess ... guess I kinda let my ...
Guess it always ... he don't ever show no look
I can't ... take my money and I found what he ...
Maybe just a middle man, you can mash it ...
Just the price to be too high, but I heard he works for Nino
Just a fool, ... he met Nino in a casino
On a cool ... man I heard he get ...
Just a home boy Didi, he be f**king with the white
Didi supposed to be his groom ... night
Me and Didi went to school together, me and Didi tight
Feeling ... feeling Didi white
I'ma playing under Didi trying to get up on the ...
Maybe I meet up with Nino and give me a commission
Just always getting robbed ... streets
Didi told me Nino always asking questions about me
Just ... Nino got to playing safe
So in other words, Nino doing whatever Jesse say
Jesse playing like it's straight, Nino move back to L.A.
Didi told me Jesse loves ... down in M.A.
Nino flew us out to Kelly, he's gonna take us to the Grammies
I put up on Jesse, he was front seat with Tammy
Tammy look me in my eyes, Jesse looking at her strange
Thinking about what Didi called me Tammy holling Jesse changed
... told him I was leaving soon
For enough I think the Tammy bitch come out of Nino's room
Ok, Nino f**king Tammy, Tammy holding Nino work
And Jesse ... cause if he do you would be hurt
A nose full of ... I take a trip to 305
Tammy ...
And Didi looking for me but he f**k out with my guest
... Nino, Nino, Nino, Nino, Nino, Nino, Nino, Nino

You're a real nigger, ... run away, never change, gather ...
If my ... realize, streets made of gold.
...f**king Morticia, ... look ambitious

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Record Label(s): 2008 Atlantic Recording Corp for the United States and WEA International Inc for the world outside of the United States
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