Profile Lyrics (feat. The Quiett & Dok2)

내 aka는 사기캐, hell ya f**king right
멍청한 암캐들은 ì•...수만 í•´, 허구한 ë‚ 
ì•...순환의 인생, 알바 뛰는 신세
그건 예술가에게 있어서 self disrespect
From 24 to 26, 내 통장잔고는 변했지
Carhartt의 스폰서 덕에 더는 못 사ìž...는 domestic
Art, how fun is it? And I'm so good at it
내 창의력은 틀이 없어서 전공이 두 개지
내 친구들은 붓쟁이, 조각가. It's f**kin' cool
의류학과인 친구의 양말은 better than your f**kin' crew
We're handsome, your ugly. We take girls, you do with your 왼손
매일 매일, everyday, 불어론 tour les jours
내 펜촉은 에펠탑처럼 끝이 날카로워
너네들의 면봉으로 나를 찔러 봤자야. 안 가려워, 나는 하나도
파라솔 같은 너의 음ì•...에 비해 ë‚´ 시는 돔구장
I'm too far from where you are. 넌 내가 못 돼, no manual

Yeah bitch, check my profile
Perfect, but you're not
Talking 'bout concert, we on tour
너네들의 스케일은 귀여워

Tell 'em bitches we here. We f**kin' Illionaire Gangsters
항상 지키는 태도, 신에게 빌린 내 swagger
Rockin' Givenchy, and I'm a Mercedes rider
내가 부러워? 너도 열심히 살어
아니면 집에 가
뭘 하겠어, 겉만 남자인 기집애가
돈 세는 것도 질려. 이제 난
정말로 필요해, 지폐를 세는 기계가, ugh!
우리는 90ë...„대 Bulls 같지: Jordan, Pippen & Rodman
Illionaire hoodie on. 색깔은 red on black
누구보다 쎈 가사들을 뱉고
내 hater들에게 보여줘, my racks on racks
Man, f**k your swag. Bitch, f**k your profile
우리가 해낸 걸 좀 봐. 다시 세네 번 더 들어봐
이젠 모두가 알아, 누가 여길 제패했는가
Illionaire in this bitch, the rap game's over

Yeah bitch, check my profile
Perfect, but you're not
Talking 'bout concert, we on tour
너네들의 스케일은 귀여워

I got 'em bitches ass up, face down. Frownin', screamin', like she hate now
She be in a panic, got her leavin' my room. Ain't sayin' nothin', she ain't mine
Bed time, got a show tomorrow. Tickets, yeah, they bought 'em all
All I gotta do's win, win, win. I'll be chillin' while you lame dudes teaching flows
And all that bullshit. I don't do shit like that. I ain't no pussy
I'm a man with a pride, pride harder than my dick. Y'all too soft with it: sushi
보란듯이 니들 다음 time's mine. I'm that young, rich & fly
I'm just tellin' the truth, tearin' the booth. The roof is on fire
I ain't gon' stop till I feel like it. 11 years but still rockin'
Dropped 10 CDs but still droppin'. Illionaire mothaf**ka we still poppin'
We still talkin' big money. Hunnit grand, that's my whip money
4Gs, no iPhone but hell yeah that's my kicks money
I get money all day. Catch me all around the globe
Talkin' cheese cake and some bread, makin' all type of that dough
I'll be ridin' in my Benz, smilin' on my lenz
And rockin' all that thang, bossin', I'm the president

Yeah bitch, check my profile
Perfect, but you're not
Talking 'bout concert, we on tour
너네들의 스케일은 귀여워

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Songwriter(s): Jun Kyoung Lee, Beenzino, The Quiett
Record Label(s): 2012 ILLIONAIRE RECORDS
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