Bankroll Fresh


Espn Lyrics

"Bankroll!" (Go!)

[Verse 1]
Dope Spot, Sold Out
Water Boiling, Four Pots, Stove Top
Three Rings, Four Chains, Earrings, Blue Watch, Jackpot
Hit the dealer, with my Nigga, Unzip the Zipper
What's that with you?
Hundreds Nigga!
Want a Benz, Want a Beamer, Want a Masi
Want a Rrari, Want a Fisker
Drop-Head, Ranking Stead?, Maybach, Louder Led, Rover Red
9-11, Q7, AA, New Challenger, Coupe Damager
Black Charger, Black Chevelle, Black on Black
Brand New ZL1 as well
New Dually, Super Dually, Diesel Fueling
Shitted on these hoes excuse me
Young Nigga, Never had it, Just Imagined
I'm going to let these Bitches have it
Get it back
Stack it, Add it, Flip it, Match it
Get it with your way the fastest
Need to wrap it, had to have it, Mathematics
Tossit Tratit?, Want a Mansion
Rockstar, Marilyn Manson, Diamonds Dancing
Ballinnn on these Bitches Mannn...

[Chorus 1]
I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, On These Niggas

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, Lord Forgive him (Forgive Me)

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, On These Hoes (Wheww)

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, God Knows (Amen)

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, On These Niggas (Ballin Hard)
I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin Lord Forgive Me (Ahhhh)

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, On These Hoes (Yeh, Yeh, Get it)

I Ain't Never Had Shit
I'm Ballin, God Knows (Bank Rolls)

[Verse 2]
f*cking money up
Couple hundred bucks
Crib a Milli plus
Furniture from Huff's
Man this shit plush
Flat Screen... Touch
Elevated Up
Silver sueded up
Camel cabled up
Counting paper up
Paper counting, got me counting paper cuts
Big Garage, It could fit a f*cking bus
Bankroll ballin, he's going to f*ck it up
Glass ceiling top peeling, what the f*ck
f*ck is up
Mutha f*ck
Duel Master, it's a buck?
Hit the lot, pick a truck
AP glittered up, crystal'd up
Bezeled out, Filled it up, (Filled E'm up)
From the ground, Momma's house, build it up
Magazine, Filled it up
Pusssy Nigga play K, Rip your guts
Nigga What...
Street money
Keep money
Jeep running
Summer Time, skeet something
Two Hoes, and me something
Three Something (Threesome)
Bitch I'm cumming
Peace something...
R1 YZ Banshee
New Kawasaki, new Suzuki, Ohh-Wee
Ohh He, the one with the racks on right now
Who me

[Chorus x1]

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Songwriter(s): Bankroll Fresh
Record Label(s): 2015 Street Money Worldwide Street Execs
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