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Bacon Shoe
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Cut Off The Head Lyrics

[Verse 1: Lethal D]
It's time to get slutty, fill it in like putty
Your backyard's muddy and I ain't your best buddy
'Cause you're ugly and you won't give it up, see
You want that Shoe and it's coming off me
A softie, I cream corn like a gypsy
It's awfully amazing when I shift speed
I'm gonna reach deep down in the sack
Pick a good beat, and put it to a rap

Finger-f*ck 'cause I can't get it up
And if you don't like it then you're going in my trunk
f*ck yeah, I'm a lunatic
I can't sleep, 'cause I'm already thinking next week
You want a piece? I'm on my knees
I'll eat that shit like cottage cheese, so please
Let me know which disease that you're giving me
I've already got three and a half
This is gonna be a bloodbath
I'm insane, 'cause I'm f*cking a calf with a staff
Bitch don't make me laugh
I dropped out of school 'cause I don't like math
I like meth and burnt shit for breath
And fake breasts get ripped off and used for headrests
I'm breathless, so let me take a breath...

...There ain't too many left until I die
I'm probably gonna die tonight
My brain's gonna swell up and be too tight
For my skull, and then I'm gonna lose control
Start putting squid tentacles in my asshole
An assful, this isn't what I asked for I'm so sore... but I can fit one more
It's sick, the way I can't stop the shit
I'm gonna have to put my dick in your armpit

You don't need it, cut it off
Cut the head off, cut it off [x4]

[Verse 2: Toine]
Yeah, because Toine don't care
Something's going to get in your hair
It's unclear why I freak it like this
My neck bone connected to my ass bone, bitch

[Lethal D]
You freak fish and f*cking satellite dish
My head gets filled up with impure shit
I gotta spit, and peel it back for the dick
Drink a whole case and get it going like this
(Drink a whole case and get it going like this)

Muffle f*ck and I don't talk too much
I bust a nut and let police clean up
A double homicide, plus a fifth of Old Crow
My head should be cut off and used for a dildo
For real though, a cream corns got born I don't know
Forever I been doing this slow, like a big toe
I'm steady dripping on the floor in the window
I dress up like a horse then play Nintendo
You come outside and get scared 'cause I'm so hard
Leaving dead pig heads in the backyard
And I don't clean for shit
You want a clean house? You can f*cking clean it, then


Cut the head off [x7]
Cut off your head

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Record Label(s): 2007 Bacon Shoe
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