Cheesedick Lyrics

You better get ready for the cheesedick shit
Cause I'm licking on a bitch while I smoke a cigarette
Take my shit with a grain of sperm
They call it what they want when I tell 'em it's a germ
But f*ck that, you can't wipe me off
I'll sneak it through your ass so you better not cough
Meatwad get the honies, see?
But he don't get shit when the bitches see me
I'm infected with the shit you need
From the dirt on my knees to my sexual disease
And I like cheese
I like to rub it on my face
Melt that shit and pour it into a vase
Get drunk with a midget named Frank
I can hardly walk from smoking the dank
It's out of sight then I'm doing it right
You're gonna die like a pig
Face swollen like a squid
That's how I live
I'm a demon at night
My face turns red then I take a little bite
Then I drink Sprite
Because it rhymes with bite
I know somebody's getting f*cked tonight
And it ain't me
I gotta crush like a fish
And my fish wanna take a bath in piss
So f*ck this
I dick but I don't kiss
You get this?
I'll make sure that it's fresh

Your ways are like a canker sore stuck on my face
You made me feel stuck in a big loaded donkey leg My levelheaded friend told me 'f*ck' was an adjective
And now I'm singing songs about my troubled reason to give
Covered in baby powder and applesauce
Mixed with cream of wheat and corn syrup
Thrown down the stairs
A bottle of insulin
Sucking away at it
And leaving me dry
Hoping they can get the hole
Standing beside a completely innocent specimen
Addicted to camel toes and barbecued feet
Rolling around in a pile of superglue
Hoping that nothing will get stuck to you
Fleeing from under cheese on a prostitute's forehead
Now she's got diabetes of the blowhole
Oh my god and my arm doesn't work
I told my doctor and he made take it to work
To have it analyzed and dissected, for real
My glove is running thicker than the gravy on your meal
Intestrizoidal system that will bring us all in
To study up on ram's head and cantaloupe gelatin
Kentucky never canceled out the need to shit
On anyone that ever wanted dibs on the clit
The Senate doesn't take apart your stereo head
The stretched-out belt drive is better instead

A reason to think, a reason to cry
You better get me to get you all hungry inside [x4]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Bacon Shoe
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