Knowledge Freedom Lyrics

America! The bondage is off... knowledge is freedom
We all niggas never ignorant getting goals accomplished
Let's have a drink... it's on me! [laughing]

[Verse 1: AZ]
Yes I'm doing it a few soo-wooing it
My man Lou crew bandanna blue-ing it
They buck at cars won't give a f**k who in it
Bust at broads the gods say they ruin shit
20 to a clip hollow heads loaded them legislators ain't doing shit college heads know it
Raps and it's influences turning kids out
Was trapped but still intuitive learn to switch routes in drought
My reality's placed on principalities so
Any casualties gracefully done carefully
The real attracted me re-exchange and bill
Mathematically calculating maintain and chill but still
Mind of Muhammad signs of the Masonic both combine I'm a verbal rhyme galenic
Promise, pay homage only here for a spell and like that
I'm back where the highest form dwell it's right back
Just like them 9 milli shells that systematically let off and murdered Sean Bell in hell
Smell the corpse of the homies we lost from a era so pure you could never be sure
The game's so sick I'm just looking for the cure
Like that Dead Prez flick when they was looking for the score
This whole shit here is forceman's sure[? ] ya'll talk about war well a nigga from the core
Sci-fi tricks I'm the spook by the door
Men in all black took the coupe out on tour
Hi-top kicks kept the sweatsuits velour
Fitted all colors we considered all brothers
First we all chilling now we killing one another
See these hustlers on the covers of these FEDS and DIVAS
The game's dead trying to make these young heads believe us either
Understand or be under the land... my man [fades... ]

[Gunshots... ]

[Verse 2: Papoose]
Peace to the world(Peace to the world)... Papoose Pa-poose
Knowledge is freedom hop in the BM and drop the new zeams[? ]
Rhymin with reason I could defeat him
I could delete him I could just eat him
Not to deceive him not to mislead him
Drop it to feed him lock in and teach him proper believing
Cockin and squeeze him pop him and leave him
His pockets is bleeding so know I got ya podi-um[? ] I hug the block to the PM
I was wise and strategic on the rise with the thesis since I was rockin the leases
Since I was coppin Adidas since small sizes of sneakers like buddrock[? ] with the speeches
You bloodclots is anemic my mugshot in the precint your gunshot is the weakest
My young mind is the deepest you cockblockers and leeches I'll blow your Pradas to pieces
Hold a thousand my queen and fill a vagina with semen
It's so exotic and pleasing I gotta stop when I'm skeetin
When I was my momma fetus her stomach sat by the speakers
The music got in my features that's just why I'm prestigious
Hold my bottle and drink it ain't suck it out of a cleavage
Cause I was ingenious since doc was circumcising my penis
I'm a scholar suceeding and all of my dollars increasing
Got a lot of achievements cause I divide with the weaklings
Sick and tired of these heathens
I see a lot of em scheming they hearts throbbing and tweaking
But I could stop em from beating
Drop the hottest releases I don't bother with demons
I leave em whining and screaming just like a toddler who teething
I pledge-alizes allegiance from the bottom I creeping
All ya'll could line up and meet him the God inside of his kingdom
You claiming you done bidded what that did prove?
When you couldn't walk one visit in that man's shoes
Competition becomes timid cause Pap can't lose
I got the young gifted and black man blues
The 49th law of power your time is hourless
Cross Papoose and you cowards is powerless...

[Beat til fades... ]

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Songwriter(s): Anthony Cruz, Kendred Smith

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