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Long Snooze
Average Rap Band


Long Snooze Lyrics

[Verse 1]
New day looking for a new challenge
In my old new balance balancing my 2 talents
That's rap and drink, but I don't do Stellas
Rude mannered, impossible to manage
Made a man in a neighborhood of Bruce Banners
I seen dudes use spanners to do damage
Beat till they're looking like beetroot relish
Real life Good Fellas, too much Menace
If Hell Is Below everybody gotta go, gotta know that
Even if you gotta lotta dough, you ain't owed jack
But tax and death, that's definite
Nothing more for you do except accepting it
It's all just a joke, young, gifted and broke
Making income from some dumb shit that I wrote
My mum said it was dope and some regular folk
Gave me coke for it, so I give a f*ck if you don't like it
I don't even like it I don't mind if you don't buy it
Download it and then delete it, I won't riot
If you don't cosign it, I know I'm no Ironman
And if I had the dough to get Ghost to ghostwrite it
Then I would've but I didn't I just did it like I did it
I'll admit it I was sitting on the shitter when I writ it
f*ck a critic in his over analytical ass
Give a crap what your mum considers me as
Cynical as f*ck, f*ck the political raps
All you really wanna hear about is titties and ass
Put a pretty chick on the cover and triple the cash
I can't tell, is it fashion or is it just trash?
They try to say that we're a little bit a jazz
A little Shabaaz, f*ck these hipster mags
I guess I gotta be a little bit mad
Or is it just a flash back to a trip that I had
You gotta wonder, what kind of spell I'm under
Way back when I was younger used to idolize a plumber
On shrooms, brain fuelled by the bong fumes
Long gone, spending all my bond on booze
With ensembles of fools who want rules
I think therefore I am confused
Humanity concludes, hilarity ensues
And I put my PJs on for the long snooze

[Verse 2]
It's a new day grab the toothpaste and brush scrub
While I ponder up a new way to do things
Rut, stuck in it nah
Just stumbling my way through day to day trying get on the up
Cause f*ck it I been broke and seen feigns doped out in my lounge
Watching crack smoke go round like clouds
It's out of it but just the tip of the iceberg
A couple got clean from kind words they never heard
You never know if you don't roll the dice twice
Sitting at home trying to write while my life flies
Can't even tell where the last 5 years went
Tears, sweat, and blood I spill it on my beer breath
Could care less how long a piece of string is
From here to the end if I got a song I'll sing it
As simple as that there's no strings attached
To the passion I have for making the words match
So you ain't got to dig it it's cool
Find something you do
Don't give a shit man you can listen to tool
Doesn't matter honestly I'd rather listen to blues
Then listen to these dudes talk about the shit that they do, but really don't
Like henny or coke I can afford it
But the $3 bottles of red keep me in order
Can't ignore them when I walk in the store and they on the shelf
Grab a couple for locals and a couple for myself
We all living in hell some see the parallels some don't
Some need some weed to sell and some to smoke
Bottom line it doesn't matter when your time's up
You could be rich or at the back of the line for free bread and soup
Same fate guess we in the same shoes
Same day, different view, same river, different canoe
Still I don't really get it I'm just trying make do
Just put my Ie faitaga on for the long snooze

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Record Label(s): 2015 Years Gone By
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