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Good Dudes
Average Rap Band


Good Dudes Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Sunny day and it ain't even summer hey
I guess I really can't complain, I just get up and start again
And thank the god I don't believe in for the vegetables I'm stealing
From the supermarket what a bargain I can't fight the feeling
Wanna (WOO) like I'm Rick Flair sit here and sip beer
Even though I've had a shit year I'm yelling shit, yeah
I'm happy to be depressed go ahead and repossess
Everything I got cause I've had even less, and we the best
Losers that you never seen I fail like like a champion
The king of being broke, f*ck your jays, man I'm happy in my
Tracks with my slippers, I don't want no six figures
I just want to split slithers, and die like Sid Vicious
Maybe this is just a game, and if it is I'm gonna play
Don't want the fame, don't want no money I'm like shit I'm on a plane
I'm going somewhere, even if it ain't no where
Even tho I got no hair, I know there's no need for no tear
I don't care about your lo gear, don't care about your old pair
Don't care if your homo, queer, or bi, cause I got no fear, we both weird
And oh yeah, I gotta send a shout out to the homies
That's Lucky Lance and Tony, Michael Corleone, Joely
Hold me down when I'm down hold me up when I'm on uppers
At the ruggas making ruckus, when I call you f*ckers bruv it's cause
I mean it, don't wanna be no rat up in a race
Proud to be that YGB like it was tatted on my face, say what?

Uh, these people [?]
Give these boys a chance to do something, nobody
So, this is what they do, all day long
Play ball, drink tonight, get high, celebrate
They ain't no angels either
But they real good dudes

[Verse 2]
It's a sunny day indeed, blaze the weed, play a beat
Super stoney-oney so I don't care what you saying to me
Haters Down we don't play around
If you claim to be the baddest then someone will come and lay you down
Don't know how to manage being manic let me loose don't panic
How bad could it get I got a bag full of shit
I shouldn't have none of this but guess I'm at it again
About to brown bag some Bombay and bang RES until I'm on one
Paranoid and so I had my phone cut
Only f*ck with the bolsis who know me the rest I don't trust
Trying to get where I'm going my homies just told me don't rush
Low even when I'm high case I got no more serotonin
Floating around my brain rain pouring hard as ever
Even if it could be great I wouldn't change it what so ever
I'm mean what would that say c'mon keep it together
Better be happy to be here lot of people gone forever
Better get up while you can Pab said don't be a bitch
That's my mans got you back if you sober or you twisted
And that goes for everybody who down with the click
YGBOPMGHD them bad kids
Playing up again, up against the wall until it's over
Got no love for any of you overrated stoners
Should roll up on your CD and then use it as a coaster
And leg drop the table off the ropes like Hulk hogan
In 87' holla at the homies for a lazy session
Hit the tepid baths for spa then go make a record
Just another day in hell I ain't gonna play it down
You know what it is YGB don't play around say what

And that's how I came to this life, uh
(Are you really happy?)
Why do you keep asking me if I'm happy?
Yeah, I'm happy
What do I have to do?
(Uh, a moment ago)
(You were [?] with yourself)
(what happened?)

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Record Label(s): 2015 Years Gone By
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