Free Lyrics (feat. Tech N9ne & Krizz Kaliko)

When he first started out everybody wanna label N9ne
As a devil worshiper but I would like to say ahead of his time
Never did get a nigga they was all deaf, dumb and blind
Sinister rhyme, did it per line, look at now Tech's tongue is mine
Ishh hoff, when he did that it was lift off
Given off a little bitta sick sauce
They ate up all of it like a biscuit
Big cross, bar code snake and bat with a dark soul
6 and 7 he got scars bold
If you don't get it bet you that Nardwuar knows
Whats happenin', whats slappin', snake and batmen
On the path the nads we get the cash imagine
With the masses grabbing niggas rapped his aspen
Match his mashin' make him mad hes massacrin'
And as the pen and pad spaz in rap fashion
He just laughs when you need an aspirin
Babblin' about how who'd never be has been
You wanna run but I think its a better thing to park it (Park it)
But you against me the people gonna have
To come and clean the carpet (Carpet)
I seen the spark that, bring the heartless
Next to tech better get up and give the credit to (King of Darkness)

Our father which in heaven, demons curse your name
Kingdoms are ran by reverends, they have fortune and fame (Kill, kill, kill)
Everything that's bad, seems to touch the people (Murder, murder, murder)
So I lead them from temptation when they're loving what is evil

Just repeat after me, I wanna be free, free, FREE
Smoke weed and ecstasy, I wanna be free, free FREE
I want you, I want you, I want you, yeah, yeah, yeah
I want you, I want you, I want you yeah, yeah, yeah

Now I'm reading the bible written by this guy whose name is Anton
How can we coexist when hes marked and labeled like a Scantron
I am Tron, bleeding cyber tracks just like a tampon
Can't pray to a God in heaven since I realized that I am one
I've been through each and every religion not to offend you
But to show you there is no difference between Christian, Muslims and Hindu Since men do, everything under the sun their hearts desire
Don't blame us for how we market it cause we didn't start the fire
Jim Morrison opened the doors and Tech N9ne blazed the pathway
For halfway house suicidal niggas like Donny Hathaway
So let the psychopath say, Michael Jackson was Jesus
And let's test the faith of man to see how many of you believe this
Believe this, the world ending in 2012 is facetious
You see that is what is told to people because they're sheepish
Atheist is what they label celebrities who achieve bliss
Who don't acknowledge a god was who blessed them with their achievements

Come one come all, lets all do drugs and get lost on a dark street
Best thing you can do can't lose you already act half retarded and poor sheep
Might as well get a job with the dark gods
If you work hard then you get to keep your heartbeat
But don't listen and pay close attention
Then you pay for it and believe its a large fee
Money money better never better never give me money
Ima never let the billboard charts sleep
I never drop down with this hot sound crash
And keep it locked down like a kid car seat
Roll in a hearse when the car crip, stand on point like shark teeth
Hell yeah I'm a dog and bark stay (Woof)
Gotta keep a bitch on a short leash (True)
Real shit no lies, women ain't shit real shit no flies
If I told you no chicks no cry
So niggas on that ho shit go die, for real
I don't know what the norm is Ant's so enormous
Scheme so enormous, penis enormous
No doubt I was born this, at a young age found out what porn is
Thats why I'm at your chick like, tonights tonights the night
Big dick swinging like Kevin Harts daddy, alright, alright, alright
See I'm just being me and you too can be free
So, tell fear you're not here, speak of the devil and it shall appear

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Record Label(s): 2013 Fresh Rebel Musik
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