Moses Lyrics (feat. Twista & Bun B)

*And God said: let there be light...*
*Kings shall bow before you*
*Your name will live on when the pyramids are dust*

[Verse 1: Apathy]
I've been up to that mountain top
I don't even know how to stop
Comin' down with those Ten Commandments
Write a verse and then the pen will vanish
Been bananas since I've been in pajamas
Or I've been in pampers or in bed for bad manners
f*ck around I'ma dead you amateurs
Head in bandages, bet that the ambulance
Carry you off to fix medical damages
Metal that ?, shreddin' your canvases
Demigodz got heavy advantages
Heaven will banish us for weapons and brandishes
Brand new with the tags attached
It's a fact if you rap, and your bags ain't packed
I've detached vertebraes like a bird of prey attacks
Little rats who adapt to avoid mouse traps
One time for the Gods above
But they ain't lookin' out so I copped a snub
And the second that my fans ever stop the love
I'ma do a free show then rob the club
With a bum bum, here I come hand on my gun
Handle the dumb f*cker then I scramble and run
Any little punk ask where the sample is from
I'ma slap him in the face 'til my hand is numb

[Hook: Apathy]
My enemies don't exist
My enemies don't exist

[Verse 2: Twista]
Through the OG testament I control this
And if you give me the mic you know I'll be known to hold this
Tell 'em all that my flows is the coldest
Behold us, the nigga to the hoes that's known as Moses
I'm a prophet fulfilling the prophecy
Take everybody on, a biblical odyssey
Steady getting money the way that it ought to be
I can spread a bitch legs the way I parted the sea
Here again, pimpin' shit, I'm the shin, lyricist
The real ten commandments are in the pyramids
And if you're really looking for Noah's Ark, it's the boat of Khufu
I'm telling you where the wisdom is
Articulate patterns I spin them and shatter
Anybody who feel is a prophet don't mention this battle
When I can do the way I do and I'ma kill them with data
Gorillas is at us but I could split them like he an atom and I
Stick a staff into the ground so me and my people could travel with no matter if it's phantom or not
Long as they can follow a leader, if not a believer, then you are not an achiever when I handle them, nah
Tramplin' over any and many, a Demigod because I'm hard, I'm a rebel when I'm high
And if you ever try attacking me Apathy backing me it's gonna be because the Devil is a lie


[Verse 3: Bun B]
Yo, Trill OG, man the real OG
Was and I am and I'm still OG
Steady talking that shit so you can feel OG
Yeah my cup runneth over gonna spill OG
That's on me with no thrills no fee
I be posted in the background real low key
With my hat low best get back bro
Why the gat blow quick but your ass die slowly?
When I pull it I'ma pop it, move in on me I'ma stop it
Point it at the enemy and drop it, make it get away to the tropics
f*ck that nigga onto another topic
This here is the dirty south hardest standing ovations so get up, applaud this
It's middle fingers to the fakers and frauders
As rappers claiming that they're hip hop artists
Record this when I say that they hoes
f*ckboys and f*ckeries must be exposed
Give a f*ck about foes when I see your bitch ass I'ma beef with your motherf*cking nose
Blood on your clothes, blood on the ground
This is a circus and bitch you a clown
f*ck with this sound come on bitch nigga please I'ma hit you with rounds until you're Swiss f*cking cheese


*Whole city calls his name*
*...and there was light*
*...and there was light*

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Songwriter(s): Bun B, Twista, Apathy
Record Label(s): 2016 Dirty Version LLC
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