The Law Of Power


The Law Of Power Lyrics

Have you ever opened up the Bible, and read about the s-story of J-Job?
God... took e-everything from him
And he said, "I was born with nothing, I will die with nothing"
He was a better man than most

[Verse 1]
Give and I take, take what I'm given to live in my day
Driven by rage, vision is twisted by liquor and women
I'm wishing my blade isn't afraid
Tryin' to hurry, and die in a hurry and sit in my grave
Only my wisdom just gets in my way
Till I repent in this prison I stay... (prison I stay)
Yo, roll one, smoke one, no one sober knows
No son, no ones so done, overdose
Hittin' the Xan and be hittin' like villages been in Japan
Damn, I don't see the problem
I don't need to stop it
I ain't scared to die - Aokigahara, uh

I just need the power (I just need the power)
I just need the power (I just need the power)
Aokigahara (Aokigahara)
I ain't scared to die (I ain't scared to die)
I just need the power (I just need the power)
I just need the power (I just need the power)
Yeah - Aokigahara - Yeah
[Verse 2]
Feel like I'm lost in the forest
Caution is foreign
I didn't expect to be haunted with mourning ive lost it, im
I'm only Noct in the mornin', I'm often just off so I'm poppin' and pourin'
Coughin' I'm soarin'
I'm confident you lookin' down on me drown in my consequence more than my problems
I am no novice to warring cause I see a lot and I'll stop when it's boring

[Verse 3]
I've got a lot in my stead
Hell in my home, god in my head
Heaven is flesh, I forgot when I said "to be honest girl I'm not them nigga's you met"
f*ck em', them f*ck em'
What of them I don't feel nothin' for one of them run it then they just to cope
Drugs, everyone of them, they just the coke
Use them to stomach the matrix and don't try to change shit it's useless
Yo, stay in your zone
This shit is crazy
This really ain't me
I used to be sane, but I changed do you blame me?
Maybe you hate me
Maybe you save me
Lately I'm making a tired excuse
Lyin' to me about tryin' for you
You made me do something I couldn't do
What is power?

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Songwriter(s): Anonymuz
Record Label(s): 2016 Anonymuz
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