25 To Life Lyrics (feat. Sylvan LaCue)

[Intro: Sylvan LaCue]
Alright, I got it
Yeah, uh

[Verse 1: Sylvan LaCue]
All my life I wanted me a Beamer
Daddy used to whip it on his way to the cleaners
Smooth jazz, love, '94 and new speakers
Turbo jeans with the clear case beepers
Mama hit the page any time she had to see us
Domino's table, boy, this grown man business
Trick tryna tell me you don't know nan' nigga
Video mix used to keep the whole damn kitchen jumpin'
Uncle Luther background, "Hoes up to somethin'"
Mama, why you never let a nigga hit the function?
Bust a move in public, boy, you better hush it
Keep your head in them books like a test comin'
Composition when I'm trippin', let the rest flood in
With a pen and a page, I stage plays, wonderful in displays
So why it's radical, lettin' you know, it's okay

[Verse 2: Anonymuz]
My goal is to get you to fight back
Against anybody, everybody don't like that
Rxdical Forever, put that shit on my life
And smack a nigga if he come to me and try to deny facts
Boy, your favorite rapper isn't f*ckin' with my passion
My ambition, plan, vision, or my craft
And hasn't gave a f*ck about you people like I have
Blood up on my pen, blood sweatin' from my hands
While niggas in my city love lettin' the time pass
How you let your mama live inside of this viceland?
And not do anything, boy, I don't know where your mind's at
Only make me madder, I ain't getting my time back
For tryna give my fans something more than a bass drum
Tryna give my fam something more than a taste of success
'Cause they stress what afford from a pay stub
Y'all really ain't hearing me, though
Audio Picasso, I perform with a paintbrush
The old guitarist playing in the back is my blank page
I'm tryna make you get the picture before it ain't one
Yeah, I'm Anon but they know that I'm A-1
Everyone around me been around me from day one
Been doing my thing while you niggas just late
So when I jumped up out the gate, they never saw where it came from
But heard about it

There's not enough of us, while we're still alive
That give people the true insight on what we have done
And how valuable and creative this music is
And what it means to us in the American society
Especially from the standpoint of blacks

[Verse 3: Anonymuz]
25 years on this shit and I'm still broke
Frontin' like I got it when I know that I still don't
Watchin' niggas pop and start to profit with no skill
And trendin' while I'm begging for a shot and it kills hope
Never compromised to get a shot and I still won't
But then I seen my mama cry and, dawg, I came real close
Have you ever tried to tell somebody you will blow
And watch 'em look at you like you been hurt or a little slow?
This shit is crazy, shit is crazy, yeah
But I can't give up yet, can't live a life of what ifs
Can't live a life where I die with regrets
No plan B's, fall back or what's next
Pushing through the pain, setbacks and upsets
I'm tryna tell you
How you take it shows how you make it out
How you face shit? Yo, how you break it down?
Rollin' up don't make me no greater now, no
How you take it shows how you make it out
How you face shit? Yo, how you break it down?
Rollin' up don't make me no greater now, woah

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Songwriter(s): Sylvan LaCue, Anonymuz
Record Label(s): 2019 Rxdical Records llc
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