College Day Lyrics

Someday our eyes will turn hazy,
Remembering the laughter we shared like crazy…
I don’t know dudes when will we reunite
But I’m goanna miss you all infinite,
Each Memory is so precious…
It seems like heaven around us!
Splendid afternoon of campus
Guys freaked out with big fuss…
We had a different fun
`That would never turn
High dreams would fly
To touch the blue sky!!!
Without any reason
We celebrated every good n bad season
Come on, follow this concordant
Our college days are the best.

Among the crowd of million faces,
Torn memories are floating into pieces
Surely you’ll also miss like me
All those crazy things we used to be!
The nap in between boring lecture,
And the classes we all bunked together;
Pretty was the desire of hot guy,
But the match doesn’t imply…
Good girl concentrates on study!
She doesn’t believe in flattery;
Demand for the expensive food
Payment is the part of rich dude!!
Last min Copying assignments in an hour
N when we’d reach submissions would b over!!
All those funny things would
One day cover some pages of my book;
Someday when I’ll close my eyes…
This world will be beyond my sight;
The premises, that assembly of fest,
Emerged in fun, and we never cared
Yesterday may die, but tomorrow will never
Exams waiting for the next…
We always respect n remember
The dedication of our teachers
Though everything was frenzy
Since, we’re proud of our decency
Come on, follow this concordant
Our college days are the best.

{Still recall that first day of college
The battle of seniors,
When we were afraid of being ragged
These were the interaction}
God knows from when
My breath touches the good rain
Tender wet red roses
My innocence and your promises
Love holds our hands silently
The weather was so cloudy
Twinkling of your eyes!!!
It’s since like a surprise,
Whatever be the end
We’ll always be friends
Nothing to lose, you’re all in my heart
Here we got the most beautiful part
Convocation, the final gathering
Do you feel your tear’s smothering??
Let’s promise to be strong
Love, apology and this song
So don’t be late…
Come on and follow this concordant
Our college days are the best.

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