Last Breath Of An Mc Lyrics

Last Breath of an MC

I cant remember the day
But i remember the night
The first time in my life had an mc fight
Caterpilla killa lyrics spit like venom
Only thang my mind said was nigga go and get em
I ducked and bust and started cussing at them magots
Niggas started pulling fresh rhymes out the cabinet
My flow got quicker like machine gun Killa
Some mc's got hit even tho they werent ready
Watch me wrap you up like a boa constrictor
And pose like a pimp in your girls prom pictcha'
I watch mc's die like soldiers in war
Everybody for them self so there aint no score
This niggas was bust a verse that he didnt rehearse
And got snatched from the earth like an old lady purse
The freestyle had mothaf**kas on their backs
But failed to attack from the gangsta rap

Last breath of an MC

I hit the weed like a champ as i let raps fly
And best beleive when i die man in my mind i'll be high
I saw old mc's that had a wounded bad
And if i slipped I could tell they would take they chance
So like rambo 1
Man i drew first blood
And hit em in the neck with 2 rap slugs
Mc's brought gats and that one had an axe
Before he took a swack man i got him in the back
With pimp game rhyme
The moneys all mines
12 o'clock midnight me and him bond
Mc females they slipped in and heard
Before they got close MAN i put em on the curb
With 'em lookin
You see my vocal box start cookin
Screems where heard from frisco down to brooklyn
I dont do it for the fun 'cause ima mc rival
f**k if you a champion
I dont want your title

LAST breath of an mc
Feel me

A 12 gauge stage displayed wit all rage
Bet yo last dolla it will make front page
It lasted all night, Mcs filled the black
Some dead with they eyes open rap shellshocked
Hip hop was left handed
He packed 2 gats
Just incase he ran in the gangsta rap
Bodies lay some hurt
Still trying to get away
But if they get away
They will return anotha day
But i kill em
Hit em with just enough venom
Eyes wide open until the cops come and get em
I pause, my dialogue 'ttampt to catch my breath
But before i knew it a rhyme had penetrated my vest
Caught off gaurd by an mc flow oh no
My mind start to click like a black 4 4
Rapid repeated rhymes that went for his throat
And after he died i spit raps at his ghost
Man im hurt i can see the cops start to lurk
I hit one with a rap that had 'em squirmin' in the dirt
I start to Hurl
I think about my old girl
Baby u had the best pussy in the world
I felt my heart start TO collapse
Ima hate to leave the game like that
I felt another rhyme dig deep into my spine
Just when i was about to hit the pig with another line
I'll see ya next time

Last breath of an mc

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Record Label(s): 1999 Fillmoe Coleman Records
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