The Know That Lyrics

I be clean with a dough stack/But I think that they know that/My team be green blow the hulk pack/But I think that they know that/Fresh fit gear pro black/But I think that they know that / Never seen where my foes at/ But I think that they know that/ Blow chips quick get more back/ But I think that they know that (3x)

Let em know off the rip, don't forget what I stand for A cold hearted grip on my chips, bet my cash flow Amass more sums meaning funds these hoes be loving it But I won't trick a cent, no offense, I ain't with none of that The blunt be blacked, excuse me if my words don't come so easily But I be over thinking what these people round here mean to me They seem to be friends just benefiting off the ends I keep Associates that show me much love, will soon enough be enemies Can we reach the top? Get the guap, ask the question next Is you set? Bet, guessing they already stressing that Did I mention yet I'm slick wit spit your chick already chose A good girl no, when she jumped in my ride her panties touched her toes Left her all exposed, I don't know it's a reaction they be having Ready for action with no lights or cameras snapping she already grabbing Oh the passion, for the life I live wouldn't trade it for the world But I might just, vice grip this shit, watch my plan unfurl

Yes it's Nina B but I think that they know that When I come through they jump up on my ball sac I am so conceded nose all in the air Keep a pedicure and a stylist in my hair She a lie, I'm the truth Plus I am the shit from my bottom to my roof She better than who? You sound like a fool Cause nan nother broad out do it like I do You're a five star nothing, I'm a fifty plus fifty Keep an attitude with me, and yea all my bitches shitty Putting on for my city, f**k wit bad boys you would think that I was Diddy You ain't gotta lie, you know how it go We be at the mall steady running through the dough Hybicki on the track, A.Tone roll the dro Ain't gotta tell em we the best cause I think they know

What the facts about A dot T.O.N.E / Don't he be sick like a cold gotta hold of me / Scolding beats by Soulja Steve Hy-B / Check the flame that boy rising, enlighten minds of those who chose my flow to bump while riding / I am in there, busted down the door to prove a point / Just to show I don't give a f**k fire up to puff my joint / pick a chick I wish to boink, the selection prime all mighty / might he control urges nightly invite ms right to be my wife / Just arriving at this spot of prominence my goal slaughter if / any foes step in my way feel the spray lay hotter shit / then yours don't get broke / it's like this logic can't reach me / they haters steady plotting rotten schemes to try to get me / I seek easy living life should not be full of stress / cash check and send a text to get that bomb up in my chest / when I rest R.I.P. cause I aint stopping til my line go flat / or time roll back to 89' but I think that they know that

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