Player's City Lyrics

Ladies and gentlemen
Thank you for visiting Player's City
Please remain seated and keep your arms and legs inside of the tram at all times
If you are not a player
Or a rider
Please exit to the rear at once
Due to the high intensity of this trip
Are you all buckled up?
Here we go

(Verse 1)
[Don Cisco]
I come from
The city of players
And my uncle Roger, baby, he's the mayor
See, we all got paper so we pops a [{*cacas*}]
I hangs with money makers and I rolls with ballers
Sucker free city, theme song Doo Wah Diddy
Mercedes on 20"s, all the ladies look pretty
Zapp in the background, time to put my mack down
Player's City, homie
Tell 'em how we put it down

You see my Impala rollin' down the road
It's on 'em 100 spoke (???) and they silent golden
I got so rough bumpin' out the radio
And your baby wanna know how them players flow
So slide on in and we gon' take a trip
If you a freak goldie, if you a player or pimp
Everybody wanna be where the switches get hit
Player city of punks
Where the riders won't quit

[Bigg Robb] Won't you run and ride with me
And let me show you where the party's at
[A.L.T.] Where the players ride
[Bigg Robb] Player's City
Won't you come and ride with me
And let me show you where the party's at
[A.L.T.] It's them riders glide
[Bigg Robb] Player's City

(Verse 2)
[JV] I'm in a (???) 2000, they pumpin' it loud
I been in Player's City, ain't no busters aloud
We gon' freak this party til the sun come up
Where the homeboys are fine and the ladies done up
I come up to the front, see the fellas from Zapp
Ese lady JV
And I'm ready to rap
I'm ready to rave, I see Roger on the stage
[Bigg Robb] Baby, baby, baby, baby
[Mr. Gee] Who wanna ride with Gee
Who wanna slide with me
On three, through the city, where the players be
It's Player's City, baby, and we bringing the heat
We gonna party tonight
On the dancefloor
Up in the club
With more bounce to the ounce, throw your hands up
We gon' do it right
All through the night
So rough, so tough and so tight
[JV] Ha ha ha

Repeat Chorus

[Bigg Robb]
Let's get to Player's City
Oooh, I can't wait to get down

(Verse 3)
[Baby Bash]
Well now
It ain't no set trippin'
Everybody livin'
Cadillac drippin' with them super fly woman
Skyin' high like an eagle
Latino very stylo
They ask, "Baby Bash, why your game is so frio?"
I be straightin' on the (???)
Money motivations
And here in D.C., we don't allow playa-hation
Do the math, mama
Count it, one, two, three
Me gon' get with you, but you no get no money

Top dawg with the front
Bouncin' on a 6-6
Code name Mr. Blunt
I'm on a one way, headed to the spot
Where players rest
It's a lot of work in keepin' it hot
To take a box and makin' a dock
Keepin' it real tight
Everybody ready to drop
I think I just might
Swoop my dawgs and head to P. City
Where the players (???)

Repeat Chorus Twice

[Bigg Robb]
Wait a minute
Check this out
Let me tell you how the real players are
Play on

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