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[Tony G. (George Bush):]
"I will use whatever force is necessary
To restore order
What is going on in L.A. must and will stop
As your president
I guarantee it
This violence will end"

[Verse 1: A.L.T.]
The gasoline can, the gasoline man
Is comin' to town, cause I got a tan
He's puttin' a cross in the middle of my lawn
Lightin' it up like {f**kin'} [? ]
Yo, is this a game
Who gets the blames
When you see a circle of Christ up in flames
My family cries
I cover my daughter's eyes
Hang my head low, but I'm not suprised
I gotta get away from the drama
See, my child's only three, can she handle the drama
A truck drives away
The screech of a tire
A tear in my wife's eye, plus
Reflection of a cross on fire
But I
Admire how she handles what happenin'
All because my first {f**kin'} album went platinum
Had to buy a big white house with a big green metal
Should've kept my Mexican ass in the ghetto
I speak to the people
I keep it to the streets
But this is what happens
Inbetween the sheets

[Verse 2:]
Three hitchhikers in the heart of Mississippi
Two black men and a friend who's a hippie
When up rolled a pent-up truck
With three white boys and they drunk as {f**k}
One black man's way, he gave a trial on hold
But this killer {motherf**ker} had a nylon rope
So he ran like a raccoon
And got chased by a platoon
When they caught him, they hit 'em and they beat 'em down
Just because his skin was too brown
Wanna see my face, you nigga, you spook
It was President Bush, Daryl Gates and David Duke
They stood him on a milk crate
Put a noose on his neck and kicked it
It's too late
This is more than rhymes on beats
This is what happens
Inbetween the sheets

I'm on a midnight train and I'm headed for her chocha
The same type of {shit} that I already told ya
I seen a brother get beat by five cops
And this one-way train wasn't makin' no stops
Damn, stop

[Verse 3:]
I couldn't take it
Though I was goin' insane
I stood up and scream
Jumped off the train, ran a half mile back
With this brother of color, and he was still gettin' jacked
Five went the pace, caught a beatdown too
I guess what they say about the south is true
I grabbed a gun from one of the police
The {motherf**kin'} cop got shot with his own piece
This is more than rhymes on beats
Now I'm a John Doe
And I'm inbetween the sheets

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