To Have A Home Lyrics

I've heard the word before,
but it's never meant much more
than just a thing I've never had.

A "place,"
They say, "Hey, know your place!"
But I've never had a place to even know,
or a face that I could go to
if I needed someone there...

I'm laughing
it's hard to hide a smile
My god, it's been a while
since I have had a reason to.

To think
it's been here all along
somewhere to belong,
and a reason,
a something-to-believe-in

I've finally found it,
a place where I'm wanted...
This must be how it feels to have a home

I used to dream about it
but never schemed or counted
on fantasies or wishes-
it breaks a man to see what he misses

And so many nights I'd pray
for a better life, and a better day
but I never thought that it'd come true
It's finally here and I don't know what to do
and I'm trying not to cry

This must be how it feels
to have a home

I've finally made it
I've hoped and I've waited
and for the first time in my life,
I don't feel so alone

My heart starts to heal
to know this is real.
This is how it must feel
to have a home!

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Meaning to "To Have A Home" song lyrics (6 meanings)
TotallyAwesomeGirl 11/15/12,18:02

Oh my gosh, I love this song but it makes me sad cuz I start wishing I had a home-like home, like Hogwarts. People think Potterheads are nerds for dreaming of Hogwarts, but really we're wishing for a place where we can be ourselves.
finally not alone 08/17/12,03:19

god this song makes me cry everytime. I was bullied a lot as a kid and i didn't feel like anyone cared or wanted me.Now i have my friends who love me and my mom so i really have found a home
i 03/23/12,01:53

this song makes me really happy but sad because hogwarts and therefore starkid makes me feel like i belong, like im not just some harry potter freak. Darren Criss is such a feel-good person!!! xxx
I cry every time 01/01/12,11:43

This song always makes me bawl, because I've never known how it feels to have a home. But when I talk to Starkid's, I feel like I belong. Their hearts are my home
The Coolest Girl 07/04/12,02:43

This song is amazing. The lyrics are just perfect. I honestly think this is EXACTLY what Harry felt like when he got to Hogwarts. Starkid nailed it, as always!
DarrenCrissHarryPotter 05/16/11,15:04

This is my favorite song ever!!! Darren sings it so well, I have listened to it soooo many times on my iPod! Darren completely deserves everything he has become and more! xxx
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