Thinkin' Bout Life Lyrics

You know man...
Somebody told me that....heh....
Dying is easy.....Living is hard.....

[Chorus x 2]
Laid back...thinking bout life...
Hoping for better days I'm trying to see the sunshine...hey....

Daily I strive to push forward and pave a new path
Accomplish goals and gain new riches yet still stand as a man

Though opposition seek to destroy my mind is made
To find a place where the sun shines though time to time it rains

Seems my life's fabric has been sown with lesser hills than valleys
But with perseverance with faith, somehow I still manage

Treated lesser than elements taken to shape my physical form
Beaten with words of degradation though love I gave from my soul

Joyous times seem out of place when compared with my burdens
Feels I been shot deep in my soul, but the bullet keep turning

Thinking of my juvenile years, flooded with tears
Who knew with pain you be repaid for keeping it real with your peers

At times it seems my life's been laid out and setup for failure
Causing confliction deep in my spirit cause deep in me I feel greatness

I'm tired of working hard seeing nothing come to fruition
Let me get mine...cause time is ticking


Seems I'm imprisoned within a paradoxical state of living
Cause it's so much more in this life I want to achieve and witness

Like being a beacon of light, bringing positive change
Lifting up spirits of the sorrow ridden, broken, beaten and chained

But I feel stretched beyond my capacity, truly weary
Yet still hoping for happiness though my days seem dreary

See I envision me mic ripping kicking lyrics to rhythms
With so much soul I can touch and move a crowd of about 100 million

As my strength from above mobilizes me I follow
Rivers and roads never known by those whose souls and hearts deemed hollow

Laying foundations for present and future generations to come
Making known what it means to keep it real and walking in love

Gaining respect from those deemed my enemies and opposers
Labeled a legend repping truth even in the midst of the phonies

Never known for kicking gibberish or presenting false imagery
Showing music from the soul, still alive and kicking, baby


Picture me flowing with more strength, and grace then a river
Throwing lyrical haymakers, knocking out instrumentals

Remaining humble, meek and lowly though compared with those before me
Never switching from my intention to help your spirit move forward

Though figgaz and cheese beyond my dreams may accumulate for me daily
I'll strive with all my heart and soul to never let money make me

Boasting and bragging never identified as one of my actions
Just a man of love as shown to God my fellow man and my family

Who went from sitting in class writing lyrics peaking out windows
To gripping microphones and ripping flows with soulistic rhythms

Inspiring minds of juveniles to stand for truth and be greater
Elevating the degraded through my soul shown on paper

Reflecting on times past as I stare through my rearview
Thanking God I'm seeing the fruit for all the things I pursue

And to homie who ain't here with me, I'll be seeing you nigga
In a place of perfect peace, for eternity nigga, ay


[Outro - Singing]

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Record Label(s): 2016 Gentile Soul
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