The People Lyrics

[Intro - 2Ru3 speaking]
Ay, you know, as I look around
See the news, hear people talking about what's going on
I can't help..but think...it's time for a change
But we can't...make that change...
If we always...pointing the finger....
We gotta look at ourselves, too...

This is for the people, all of the people
Not just black, white, and latino
But..all of the people
This is for the people, all of the people
I'm hoping that you hear me, I hope you hear me

[Verse 1]
Many opinions and estimations, while lacking truthful statements
Fantasy living used as tools to escape real life situations

We went from morals and principles, to immoral yet legal existence
Yet wonder why it seems the hearts and minds have died of our children

Stuck in a place where love is distorted..and genuity scarce
Where truth is choked for standing and speaking leaving us needing repair

Never once looking in that mirror, willing to make changes
Paying no mind to the youth therefore we the reason they seemingly crazy

In a world of misconstrued truth, where hate and evil run awry
Masked blind behind digital screens, sowing discord and folly

Promotin' senseless, bitterness, ignorance, just wasting our lives
Losin' our minds here on earth, ignoring her cry....

[Chorus/Hook x 2]

[Verse 2]
Countless murders continue occurring as the world keeps on turning
Some feel so weighted down and oppressed they seek to bring their death early

Virginity stolen with innocence, leaving folks broken and bitter and
Never quite knowing what living is with a soul flowing with liberty

Imprisoned within a system built off lies and greed
Where the poor steal from the poor instead of unite and succeed

Our children hear our words and grow, from that which we show
Yet we push 'em aside, abuse 'em or raise 'em in the ways deemed wrong

We've assumed roles of sovereignty in spaces we ain't created
Neither has that power given us the authority to rearrange it

We talk bout peace, love, and charity while holding in hate
People we living in spiritual slumber, wake up, we've gone astray

[Chorus/Hook x 2]

[Verse 3]
Words of doubt and fear proclaimed amongst todays generation
Parents mourn, children scorned, and others die daily

Crooked laws abusing authority through militant methods
Leaving citizens vexed and stressed to the point of amassing mass weaponry

Our world's crumbling to utter ruin before our eyes
Unmistakable signs more than ever show we in latter times

Living in a paradoxical and troubled state of existence
Objecting truth therefore we lack the jewels to give to our children

Do we not recognize the days and times in to which we've entered
Warfare, against dark forces, in the realms of the spirit

Let us combine so we can find..a better route in life
Picking up peace, love, and unity throwing hatred aside...

[Chorus/Hook x 2]

[Outro - 2Ru3 speaking]
So you see....the ball's in our court now
It's up to us to make the change....
So....what you gone do...
We gotta start somewhere....come on

[Outro - Singing]
Gotta make a change, things can't stay the same
Gotta make a change, things can't stay the same

So come..On...
Come On, yea yea...
Come On, yea yea....
Come On, Come On.......

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Record Label(s): 2016 Gentile Soul
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