Crippled Soulja Lyrics

Broken hearted, dearly departed, my soul is wandering
Seeking for it's true meaning and how to move forward

Pain courses, daily through my mind and spirit
Though I aspire to live before I dry and wither

Ain't it a thang, how once you feel on top of the world
And the next all hope is gone and you six under the earth

What's worse, to believe for better things unseen
Or to live a life filled with dreams you'll never see

To hell with steadily dreaming, scheming, struggling, believing
Saying one day that I'm gone see it, yet never reach it

Depleted, of all energy and emotion
Trying to still maintain focus though feeling my living is hopeless

Everybody else telling me Jesus Christ is my friend
Well I been calling and asking Him just to know that He is

I just wanna have the best life I possibly can
Bringing a change and being able to stand, in the end

**Sample from 2Ru3's song "Broken"**

Am i victim of the sincerity embedded within
Am i being punished for seeking to honestly understand

How can I proclaim love for that which I don't feel
How can I say you by my side when to me you ain't here

How can I say you understand, when I feel you don't care
How can I say you leading me, when I feel gone with the wind

They say open up your heart, be sincere and true
I'm like "Nigga, what the hell else you want me to do"

All I've been is open, honest, self reflecting and truthful
But it seems no matter how many times I try it's useless

Confusion continually circulating my area
Got a nigga wishing I could simply get the truth through my cellular

So many swearing' it's easy, but for me it's been hard
To connect with an invisible and unreachable God

This ain't a road I ain't traveled, I know the rocks and the gravel
But the truth on where it leads, is what I seek after


Sometimes I wonder in my mind, nigga why am i here
And often find myself feeling like, there's no value within

Some put they value in riches, women and having fine linen
Others just click up with niggas or base it off others opinions

See I know in my heart, that don't define who we are
But it doesn't seem simply livings' even worth it no more

Like some say you know you good if above ground you stand
But what about those who often wish they could be under the sand

See me, I wanna be something, really see something, really achieve something
And actually know what it means to live free and breathe brother

But deep under, all my wishes and hopes
Is the feeling if I can't live, let me rest my soul

Seems everybody flying past and I'm glad for they gain
I just wish that in my life I could start making some gains

Though I try to keep composure and lifted as if on doja
Seems 2Ru3 shall remain, a crippled soulja

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