Got A Nu Woman Lyrics

[Chorus x4]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

[Gangsta D]
We welcome you baby to Club 220
Where the haters get real and the players grow, ya know
Just soak it up 'cause it's to the plus
Then spread your wings like an angel and get high like dust
Plus, I'm knowin' fakers hatin' on us
Girls comin' out the cut 'cause they love the 'what?'
That ain't nothin' but lust, they let us beat the guts
You don't know me like that, that's why in God we trust
Your fairy tale dreams watchin' "Days of Our Lives"
While I'm livin' on a hill, with thirteen wives
Little big ass square, mashin' with the players
Twist it, light it, inhale it, oh yeah
Now if you wanna kick it like I said before
Now you can bring the weed or some liqour fo' sho'
Cause you all know, how we go - show after show, gettin' spoiled by hoes
Yo, my woman keep me comin' happy
Keep me paid plus, I don't want your nappy
Hoochie coochie mamma, your lifestyle's drama, slick fine ass anaconda
But I ain't trippin', I'm thinkin' about dippin' in my new girl low-low
Homies in the back strapped, chillin' in the four door
Crack her brown leg open, now I'm rollin' up the dodo

(I got a new woman)
You the onliest one for me
(I got a new woman)
Nah, really, you the onliest one for me
(I got a new woman)
I don't think you understand, bitch
(I got a new woman)
Can you feel me?, yeah
(I got a new woman)

Baby you know me, I'll get your 'P' - hotter than any other nigga ya see
I'm the pimp without the limp, save your simp
When you're with me you'll eat lobster and shrimp
I'll let you drive the Rovy while I puff a stogie
People be thinkin' you too young to know me
I admit, I'm just a bit - older in age, but that ain't the page - we on
It's so bad I gotta pee on - some of these hoes that's out for the doe
They wanna know where I live (nah), what I got to give (nothin')
Do I got some kids (hell nah), and do I got a Benz (bitch)
But you never ask, I'll bet you never will - 'cause you got skills of bein' real
When you get legal, I wanna be your man - and put 25 carrots on your hand
And my niggaz agree, that you could be, (Who?) - Mrs. AMG
Fine as you wanna be... DAMN, I hate to see you with a flea
and - if money makes the world go 'round
you about ten million, Puerto Rican and Brazilian
Until then, I guess I gotta use my hand, and tell your daddy that I understand

[Chorus x2]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

(I got a new woman)

I got a new woman, dangerous as f**k
She like to sneak and creep and f**k niggaz up
You flip her right and you're set for life
But if the bitch flip you, nigga yo' ass is through
So fly I had to bring her to my world
I bet you didn't know she was a white girl
When hot water hits the skin, she turns into a boulder
The bitch got me paranoid, lookin' over my shoulder
Po-po's wanna kill her, the hustlers love her
Get the money Snow Bunny, you's a bad motherf**ker
Me and you together, we can go far
You put cheese in my pocket, rims on my car
And you got me more pussy than I ever can get
Cause you keep me in the flyest shit
Sometimes we break up and I leave you alone
Cause the bitch got the Feds all in my home
And if they catch you with me in my brand new car
I'll be stressed out, f**ked up, sittin' behind bars
And I'm knowin' 'bout your history
But I'll be damned if I let you work a twist on me
And she get a nigga sprung when she work it
I heard you broke O.J., and f**ked Michael Irvin
So when I'm gettin' money with my brand new wife
God please, don't let this hoe take my life

[Chorus x2]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

[Playa Hamm]
I remember, the freaky things we used to do
And I remember 'fore we linked to where we both was true
Ridin' to the beach and walkin' through the sand
Holdin' hands, and makin' life long plans
It's cold how the game switched, I'm respected
But it's twisted how it seem that you can't except it
Doin' what you said you never would, but I knew -
by your actions who you is and what you isn't true to
How is it that you dissappoint me so
To make me have to touch you in my flow
Your homegirls hollered, but you wouldn't listen
You took the bigga figga for granted, now you missin'
Don't you compare what you goin' through to me
Cause ain't no simpin' in the P (let it pass)
Your fast and smooths be way too slow
Oh yeah I miss the way you blow, but I could let go
See freaky be remindin' me (for where the P click)
And Big Jam be stressin' (no love for a trick)
Pimpin' Carlo is sayin' (only to you be true)
And make 'em pay like they waist is severed blue
Now hold on, if it's 'sposed to it's P
With Mr. Quik, Dee, K and 'G, Hi-C and Free
All I know is top flow with the flyest view
And ain't no problem with comin' new

[Chorus x2]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

So you're sayin' I got to floss and break myself to get acquainted?
Then judge by my clothes, car, and bank statement
Bitch, where your head at?
You stuck on entertainment niggaz, bullshit and shoppin' racks
Priorities get hit to the back (way back)
Instead of rushin' Similac you'd rather rush to get a sack
So ain't no straight foolin' with the black ass K
Clownin' while you frown, ain't the truth gettin' you down?
Why don't you get yo' ass away from ground, go
Get yo' shit off the floor by the door
I got a new woman, nah man, make that three
The first one up out a dream, know what I mean?
While I was checkin' out the scene I bumped number two
Crackin', had me mackin' man, usin' my tools
And it's so true, the third is the best
She the new lease on life without the motherf**kin' stress

[Chorus x2]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

[DJ Quik]
Now my new woman...
Someone that I would put equally amount of love I put into myself ain't comin'
No, she's busy out there doin' her thang
Chillin' in large crowds, draws down, lettin' it hang
See my new woman, she's on some super duper fly shit
Keeps a nigga woke, makes him try shit
Calms him down, dries him off, keeps him nice and soft
Helps a nigga get his sleep, when the lights is off
Ain't no stressin', she is the best and -
when it comes to a challenge she is the lesson
My spiritual counselor told me about her
Said she strikes like a scorpion would - when you doubt her
Green and brown, all - at the same time
Makes me wanna get a fool - the same name as mine
Hot with determination, she ain't sick, bitch
My new woman, she's like Quik, bitch

[Chorus x4]
(I got a new woman)
She wants to get her everything for free
(I got a new woman)
But she ain't gonna be the death of me

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