Tool - Stinkfist
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Stinkfist Lyrics

Something has to change.
Undeniable dilemma.
Boredom's not a burden
Anyone should bear.

Constant over stimulation numbs me
but I would not want you
Any other way.

It's not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
(I said) I don't want it.
I just need it.
To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

Finger deep within the borderline.
Show me that you love me and we belong together.
Relax, turn around and take my hand.

I can help you change
Tired moments into pleasure.
Say the word and we'll be
Well upon our way.

Blend and balance
Pain and comfort
Deep within you
'Til you will not want me any other way.

It's not enough.
I need more.
Nothing seems to satisfy.
(I said) I don't want it.
I just need it.
To breathe, to feel, to know I'm alive.

Knuckle deep inside the borderline.
This may hurt a little but it's something you'll get
used to.
Relax. Slip away.

Something kinda sad about
the way that things have come to be.
Desensitized to everything.
What became of subtlety?

How can this mean anything to me
If I really don't feel anything at all?

I'll keep digging 'til
I feel something.

Elbow deep inside the borderline.
Show me that you love me and that we belong together.
Shoulder deep within the borderline.
Relax. Turn around and take my hand.

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Songwriter(s): Adam Jones, Daniel Carey, Paul D'Amour, Maynard Keenan
Copyright: Toolshed Music, BMG Gold Songs
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Meaning to "Stinkfist" song text (27 meanings)
Clayton 08/03/12,04:11

Its about an addiction to sex. He's singing about fisting a girl and it's not enough, he needs more, nothing seems to satisfy. So he keeps going deeper in search of the satisfaction ne wants.
Ryan 08/18/12,22:00

This song is about technology and our need for it. It's written with the literary device; metaphysical conceit.
Sm Axe 12/20/12,22:05

It's def a reference to a dysfunctional union of some variety. Whether it be with a person or a substance or whatever. Feeling nothing and digging deeper until you feel anything could be a drug addiction reference but it could also be a failing relationship where you f--k it up worse just to have some exchange of emotion. I do know one thing, if you want to laugh your a-- off, do a bong hit and then read all the meanings on this lil blog from top to bottom.
Keith 12/19/12,01:46

It's about drugs and in my opinion its coke. At the same time being high trying to convince a partner to partake to show that they are in it together. On the other hand opinions are like a aholes everybody has one. Unless you had it removed then go F your self !!!!!!
thatotherguy 07/14/12,12:32

12379 has it right. Everyone wanted to believe Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was about LSD and other drugs. It wasn't. It was about a drawing his son made of his friend Lucy. In the sky. With diamonds
Chris 04/25/12,22:06

I think hes actually talkin about not bein happy in a relationship... Like no matter how deep they go sexually he needs more
Edwin 04/20/12,16:28

He's talking about sexual addiction. He's describing fisting someone as a picture of going deeper in addiction. when someone starts off in any addiction it always small, but leads to farther sickness.
iz 02/05/12,01:51

He's comparing a boring sex life to our everyday life in society. We've been overly exposed to many things in our society that we don't get the same response anymore. Like when sex gets boring.
monkeyninja124 06/27/12,18:16

If you think this song is about sex, you don't deserve to listen to Tool. Maynard is talking about how desensitized we are these days. Look what is on TV compared to 50 years ago!
Facts 06/29/12,04:17

Why not just ask Maynard what he meant? Personally I say find you're own meaning in lyrics. Or don't, but certainly don't wait on.. screw it. Waste of time.
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