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Rascal Flatts lyrics
Artist: Rascal Flatts
Album: Back To Us
Date: 2017-05-19
Genre: Country
Jay-Z lyrics
Artist: Jay-Z
Album: The Blueprint 3 (Deluxe)
Date: 2014-11-24
Genre: Hip Hop/Rap
Sam Hunt lyrics
Artist: Sam Hunt
Album: Body Like a Back Road - Single
Date: 2017-02-01
Genre: Country
Drake lyrics
Artist: Drake
Album: More Life
Date: 2017-03-18
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Kane Brown lyrics
Artist: Kane Brown
Album: Kane Brown
Date: 2016-12-02
Genre: Country
Kygo lyrics
Artist: Kygo
Album: Cloud Nine
Date: 2016-05-13
Genre: Dance
Kendrick Lamar lyrics
Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album: DAMN.
Date: 2017-04-14
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Selena Gomez lyrics
Artist: Selena Gomez
Album: Fetish (feat. Gucci Mane) - Single
Date: 2017-07-13
Genre: Pop
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No Man's Land - Something For Kate
video update - by Rosie
Say good morning, same six eyes, today you'll get your money's worth. To revolve or revolutionise. Or put it in the paperwork. You've been sold a winning hand. ...
The Guardian - Running Wild
video update - by Elsie
Before the darkness, before the light The guardians' soul stood the sands of time He ruled the void, he ruled the dark All came to birth, the holy spark Watch out, ...
Hard To Love - Kacy Hill
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Trust is all that I need from you Enough, to restore my faith in you Lights, break when you need them to 'Cause your flaws are never your own to use And you ...
Tennis Shoes (feat. Lennon & Maisy) - Nashville Cast
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
Little darling growing up we won't grow apart Under the same sky we've got different ways of seeing the stars Sometimes it's hard but keep your head up Your head ...
500 Benz - Joey Badass
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
500 Benz 500 Benz Statik Selektah 500 Benz 500 Benz Took the business class seats back to NYC Left LAX with a bag of the THC Straight reekin' Nowadays I bounce ba ...
Praying - Kesha
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
Well, you almost had me fooled Told me that I was nothing without you Oh, but after everything you've done I can thank you for how strong I have become 'Cause you ...
Believe - A-trak
lyrics addition - by BURKUL2
Ahhh Ahhh Lil Boat and Quavo [Chorus: Lil Yachty] I believe in you They told you you can't show them folks, you do Every bitch in the world posts us in thei ...
Me Gustas - Kevin Roldan
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
Por más que trates de ocultarlo Ya no puedo negarlo Al parecer tú a mí me encantas Y no puedo evitarlo Últimamente te llevo presente Mucho más de l ...
Crew - Goldlink
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
[Brent Faiyaz:] She see money all around me I look like I'm the man But I was down and out like last week Tell me where have you been? You came out of hiding ...
Sneak Out - Bombs Away
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Every day Every week We ain't gonna get no sleep Every day Every week We ain't gonna get no sleep Every day Every week We ain't gonna get no sleep Every day Every w ...
Love Life And Money - Marianne Faithfull
video update - by Heidi
Love you made me pay an awful price, I tried to gamble with you, but you were using crooked dice. Somebody's gotta suffer, somebody's gotta feel some pai ...
We Did It - Area21
album info update - by Scarlett
Yeah, we fuckin' did it (we fuckin' did it) We just motherfuckin' did it Never knowing we would make it Now we're in here celebrating Going crazy with my people Sh ...
Desiree - Caribou
video update - by Hannah
You told me things would have changed And now we're back here again You left me nowhere to start And watch me falling apart There's nothing left I can say T ...
Kept By His Grace - Troy Sneed
album info update - by Blake
(Lead)- If you 're kept by the grace of God let me see you clap those hands clap those hands clap those hands (Choir)- Ooo Clap your hands Say amen Ooo he's been g ...
Lay It Down - Seven Places
video update - by Layla
Tommy's haunted by the pressure to become The first family member to wear a cap and gown Time it ticks and the sweat it drips down He's longing for that tassel ...
Selfie Maine Leli Aaj - Dhinchak Pooja
album info update - by Dylan
Selfie maine leli aaj Selfie maine leli aaj Sar pe mere rehta taj Selfie maine leli aaj Selfie main leti jaun,apne friends ke sath mein Audi mein main ghumti hun , ...
Last Defense - Year Of The Rabbit
video update - by Millie
I tricked you with a simple mistake I told you everything I know I know I can't afford a pointless display Of scars that only fade away My guards have been wai ...
Tears - Stuck Mojo
video update - by Nathan
All that money there shouldn't be no tears, dry your eyes sfter so many tries. Celebrity status you're the saddest, wasn't that O.J. case one of the maddest?! ...
Pana - Tekno
album info update - by Emilia
Folake gimme love oh Na you dey catch my shot oh For your sake I go go church oh We go drive around for my porsche oh Baby Pana They say you like waha ...
Get Out The Club - 50 Cent
video update - by Maya
[50 Cent-talking over beat] It's gangsta nigga It's too gangsta nigga I keep it gangsta nigga Wha wha It's gangsta nigga It's too gangsta nigga I keep it ga ...
Jonathan's Diary - Stormwitch
video update - by Isabelle
Dark, strange Transylvania Mysterious land Where the Death's close at hand The journey has come to an end The coach arrives at the castle He gets out and stares ...
Freestyle(reloaded) - J.r. Writer
video update - by Owen
i got what you need, from the water to the smack(smack) record her to a pack ship to florida then back im sorta just a mac see your daughter its a rap ima bag ...
Kasa No Hone (The Umbrella's Bones) - Anathallo
video update - by Jayden
Karakasa no hone wa Bara bara Kamya yaburete mo Take ni sotaru En ja mo Mis're nasaru na Nambo watashi ga Yaburete mo Us'te shon shon Translation of Ja ...
Orange - V6
video update - by Rosie
At the corner of the spacious sky, I saw the color of the city reborn I can't hear your voice because we've been so much matured For whom is that bel ...
Where Ya From - Mobb Deep
video update - by Jamie Elijah
(feat. Eightball) Yeah Infamous in ya area Eightball in ya area About to cause mass hysteria Yo, ashes to ashes big gats to little I put it to you clear w ...