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Lil' Uzi Vert lyrics
Artist: Lil' Uzi Vert
Album: XO TOUR Llif3 - Single
Date: 2017-03-24
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Kendrick Lamar lyrics
Artist: Kendrick Lamar
Album: DAMN.
Date: 2017-04-14
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Shawn Mendes lyrics
Artist: Shawn Mendes
Album: Mercy (Acoustic Guitar) - Single
Date: 2017-01-27
Genre: Pop
Big Sean lyrics
Artist: Big Sean
Album: I Decided.
Date: 2017-02-03
Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap
Migos lyrics
Artist: Migos
Album: Culture
Date: 2017-01-27
Genre: Hip-Hop
Kodak Black lyrics
Artist: Kodak Black
Album: Painting Pictures
Date: 2017-03-31
Genre: Hip-Hop
Chainsmokers lyrics
Artist: Chainsmokers
Album: Memories...Do Not Open
Date: 2017-04-07
Genre: Dance
Clean Bandit lyrics
Artist: Clean Bandit
Album: Symphony (feat. Zara Larsson) - Single
Date: 2017-03-17
Genre: Dance
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Black Euro - Disco Ensemble
video update - by Evelyn
We need a screaming headline We need a hook for the storyline, Honey I never thought it could go so wrong But I was young and I needed the money I d ...
Selfie Maine Leli Aaj - Dhinchak Pooja
album info update - by Ivy
Selfie maine leli aaj Selfie maine leli aaj Sar pe mere rehta taj Selfie maine leli aaj Selfie main leti jaun,apne friends ke sath mein Audi mein main ghumti hun , ...
XO TOUR Llif3 - Lil' Uzi Vert
album info update - by Joshua
Are you alright? I'm alright, I'm quite alright And my money's right 8... (yeah) Countin' the money until and until it be fallin' over Countin' them ban ...
You're So Dark - Arctic Monkeys
video update - by Erin
You got your H.P. Lovecraft Your Edgar Allan Poe You got your unkind of ravens And your murder of crows Catty eyelashes and your Dracula cape Been flashin ...
Thank You Thank You Jesus - Chicago Mass Choir
album info update - by Jack
Chorus Thank You, thank You Jesus For all You've done for me Thank You, thank You Jesus You've been so good to me Thank You, thank You Jesus For all Yo ...
Euphoria - Collide
video update - by Ivy
I calibrate you could get lost along the way i confiscate you while i find the meaning i feel i could not escape you i feel i could not escape yo ...
Be Sure... - Fripside
video update - by Emma
A soft wind blows against that hill overthere If your warmth were still here now, I'd believe it Don't stop this cruzing night Tonight wants to continue runn ...
The Loving Sounds Of Static (junior Boys Remix) - Mobius Band
video update - by Maria
this world's not right it's a losing fight and this music's not what you want it's a business now there's ins and outs and the life you had you'll lose ...
I'm In Love With A Monster - Fifth Harmony
album info update - by Lacey
[Verse 1: Lauren] Oh, he'll buy me a thorn before he'll buy me a rose Be covered in dirt before I'm covered in gold He's trying it on, yeah, he's ticking me off ...
The Dive (a) - Eyedea
video update - by Ava
It starts out with a question. How much of it is real? The skepticism sets in, and lessens your appeal Next, you study conspiracy, develop some theories And becom ...
Craving You - Thomas Rhett
album info update - by Liam
Every time we have to say goodbye I'm counting down until we say hello Every touch is like the strongest drug I don't know how much longer I can go I never had some ...
Puji-Pujian - Raihan
video update - by Leah
C G Asyhaduallailahailallah C Wa asyhaduanna Muhammadarrasulullah G Tiada Tuhan selain Allah C Nabi Muhammad pesuruh Allah ...
If I Fail - Dead Prez
video update - by Jacob
[Repeated 6x, Repeated under hook] There was a little and a pur... [BEEP] Through two Suburbans and... [BEEP] [Hook x2] Word is bond, bond is life I give my ...
Loud - Mac Miller
album info update - by Ryan
ladies and gentleman this is macadelic mother fucker (hahahaha) ugh i got codeine in my cup you can bet your ass i'm sippin' groupies fall in l ...
Despacito - Luis Fonsi
album info update - by Alfie
¡Ay! ¡Fonsi! ¡D.Y.! Ohhh Oh, no, oh, no Oh Hey, yeah! Dididiri Daddy Go! Si sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote Tengo que bailar co ...
Sway - Mates Of State
video update - by Florence
I kinder as the summer beats around me It reminds me when I could not let To live an inside life, I need escaping A grown up world, oh Lying in a blessed for ...
From Me To You - Walk Off The Earth
album info update - by Sofia
[Chorus:] If there's anything that you want, If there's anything I can do, Just call on me and I'll send it along With love from me to you. I've got e ...
Khaab - Akhil
album info update - by Annabelle
Main jadon tere khaab an wale raah tureya Main turreya bada na maithon jawein mudeya O jive rehnde panne nal panne judd de Main ravaan tere nal ohna waangu judeya ...
Manifest Destiny - Interphase
lyrics addition - by Tara Bird
So you think you've got it all figured out, Think again. The lines are drawn, the banner's raised, Where do you stand. We must rise against this tyranny ...
No Te Voy A Mentir - Luigi 21 Plus
lyrics addition - by mxm4
Hey, mira nena yo te voy a hablar bien claro No te voy a mentir la razón por la cual yo te quiero conocer es que tú interior yo lo quiero sentir & no des ...
Deja Vu (feat. Prince Royce) - Shakira
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
Ay-ay-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay Ay-ay-ay, ay-ay, ay-ay Tú me abriste las heridas que ya daba por curadas Con limón, tequila y sal Una historia repetida Solamente un ...
Be There - Krewella
lyrics addition - by BURKUL8
I'mma, I'mma be there I'mma, I'mma be there In the dead of the night When your body's sleepless It's raining feelings now Just wanna get it right Searching for me ...
Freedom Of Speech - John Mellencamp
lyrics addition - by LyricsVIP1
Freedom of speech Freedom to say Freedom to think Freedom of Speech This is my lucky day Freedom of thought Freedom of dreams Freedom to believe That we a ...
Lvly - Sarah Claire
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
[Intro] Such a lovely waste... Oh, Oh, Oh [Verse 1] I got some magic in my cup and it made me forget about you Memories fading, feelings erasing, feeling so damn g ...
Time - Lit Roads
lyrics addition - by BURKUL4
As it grows dark and the streets get cold It all happens so The way you told, the way you wrote A midnight walk in this frosty air In solitude with thoughts of you ...