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Ziv Suissa is an indie alternative rock musician and singer-songwriterBorn in Israel(1989) Tel Aviv-Jaffa based2013- He was the singer of the trio "CommonSea" (Ziv Suissa ,Natan Moore,Tom Klein)and The singer of "Ziv Suissa and Tomer Goldberg" .During 2014 Ziv began working on his solo album together with Shiko Feldman,And he relesed the first single of this album ("Caspion").In 2014-2015 He released "The Seasick Squid " his first solo album a 5 track album Produced by Shiko Felman. Now he is touring in Israel with the album's band (Ziv Suissa,Shiko Feldman,Ofer Koren,Shai Baruch,Ishay Ben-Refael) and with his acoustic band (Ishay Ben-Refael,Natan moore,Shira Drori)... read more
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