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Lotus Eater Reloaded
Lotus Eater Reloaded
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Zippora is not just the name of the group but also the name of the singer… Zippora De Brauwer. Thus her name is not a stage name but it is Hebrew and actually means ’singing bird’, how appropriate. Zippora was born on July 28th 1977 in Ghent, but currently lives in Antwerp. She loves ballet, fitness, dancing, travelling and is interested in everything related to spirituality. She took to the stage at a very young age as a play-back artist: she loved to perform as Madonna and Kate Bush. Because she loved to dance, she started dance training and decided to study music/dance in highschool. After finishing school, she was noticed by Patrick De Coninck who asked her to join his dance team The Groovies. As such, Zippora... read more