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Zegota is an anarchist hardcore punk band originally from Greensboro, North Carolina, formed around 1996-1997. The name alludes to Żegota (the polish word for 'unity'), or The Council to Aid the Jews, a Catholic group from Poland, which saved the lives of many European Jews during the Holocaust. Their albums have been released on a diverse list of labels, such as CrimethInc, Stonehenge and Amor y Lucha. They have released 4 (5, including the demo) records this far, they are:- A demo tape (199?)- Movement in the Music LP/CD (1999) - Namaste CD (2001) - Reclaim! LP/CD (2004) - Self-Titled 7" (2005)The members are currently engaged in lots of things which have nothing to do with playing music, but they are planning on be... read more