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1965 - 1992Yutaka Ozaki was a true legend of Japanese music, a rebellious figure who revolutionised J-Pop/Rock, created a string of timeless records and cemented his status by dying a gruesome, untimely death in a Tokyo street at age 26.He was born in 1965 in Tokyo`s Setagaya-ku, and debuted in 1983 with the single 「15の夜」 (juu-go no yoru) when he was still a High School Student. This track was the first single from "SEVENTEEN'S MAP" 「十七歳の地図」, an album unusual in that he wrote and performed all the tracks, but a staggering achievement considering he really was just 17 at the time he wrote it. His youthful experiences are at the heart of the album; most songs concern the stifling circumstances of teenage life, boredom, s... read more