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伊藤由奈 (Yuna Ito) was born on September 20th, 1983, of a Japanese father and a Korean mother in Los Angeles, California. She grew up in the United States, Hawaii, and even spent her High School time there as she attended McKinley High School until 2001. When Ito was little she used to sing to songs of both Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson and had always one dream: Becoming a star! In early 2005 then Ito auditioned for the role of charismatic vocalist Reira from TRAPNEST and eventually was chosen for the role. To make her debut even more exciting Ito's label SONY BMG JAPAN did everything to keep any information about Ito a secret.The 22-year-old half Japanese, half Korean American debuted under the synonym of "REIRA st... read more