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Genre(s)Doom/Gothic MetalOrigin Formed in Current label StatusFrance (Arles) 1994 Adipocere Records ActiveCurrent line-upMichel Canavaggia - GuitarsJérôme Lavail - DrumsJean-Marc Abate - Guitars, keyboardsNicolas Blachier - VocalsRévérend Michel C. - BassFormer/past member(s)David Cammal 1994-1996 GuitarsLionel R. 1994-1995 DrumsCédric N. 1994-1995 BassSandrine B. 1995-1995 VocalsSylvain O. 1995-1995 GuitarsSébastien R. 1995-1995 GuitarsJean-Marc Nussli 1996-1999 DrumsJulien - Keyboards (on tour 2002)Olga - Vocals (On "Swan Song")Olivia Benedetto - Violin (On "Swan Song")During 1995, the band rehearses regularly and experiences some changes in the line-up (female vocals by Sandrine B., additional guitar by Sylvain... read more