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Slovakian Hell Voodoo Void Bunkertor 7 Capital Punishment Die In Winter Down Where We Belong Dying Culture Slave To Evil Tell Me Why Rise Again Our Fatal Longing The March Of The Dead Ain't It Mad Yet In The Night (enhanced Vision) Just A Tenderness Black Death All Cried Out God Funeral Diner Fallen Angel In The Peace Of The Night Untermensch Final Warning Wolf Turns Off Pain Body Parts Fear In Your Eyes Crown Of Thorns Wound Tell Me Now Opening The Gates Of Hell On The Run Womb Stirb Im Winter War Schaltet Den Schmerz Ab She's Dead Wasted Dreams Torn Skin Wulf Wreath Of Barbs (album Mix) Corroded Breed Don't Go Concrete Rage And Life Goes On Fear In Motion Is It You Eternal Perdition Hold Line Of Corpses Pornography Maiden In Der Nacht Krieg Evoke I Want You Hate Is Mine Believe In Me Angel Scavenger Escape Golgotha Christfuck Forgive Me Koslow Dudek Rush Eclipse (kaelte Container Remix) Embryodead Hang Him Higher Deadmaker Stillbirth Schwarzer Tod Obsessio Homo Gotikus Industrialis Achtung Menschen The Fall Soylent Green Deliverance Bleed In Silence Dr. Thodt Rifki Remember One Thing Nest Longing Pooch Oh How It Feels Hide And Seek Thorns The Beast Sleeps Within You We Believe We Believe Loyal To My Hate Ain't That Hungry Yet You Are A Goth (elcom2) Body Census Fuckit Bloodbathing Tub Crucified Division (desert Mixx) My Dear Ghoul Adonai My Lord Gulag Autophagy Day Enemy Cut To See How Much I Bleed The Boo Mother (maternal Instinct) Wir Warten Hunger Cannibal Anthem Die Liebe Broken Sag Warum
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History and members:WUMPSCUT: is an electro-industrial project from Germany. It was founded in May of 1991 by Bavarian disc jockey Rudy Ratzinger (born June 3, 1966).Ratzinger has always been the main creative force behind :wumpscut:, occasionally employing the help of others as guest artists. Ratzinger cites the influence of such bands as LeƦther Strip as his reason for making the transfer from DJing to recording music.The release of the song "Soylent Green", which is named after the 1973 movie and also contains audio samples from the German dubbed version, first attracted attention to :wumpscut:. Since its release in 1993, it has become a frequently played song at events and clubs in the gothic and industria... read more