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We Are Incomplete (3 Song Pre-Release) Enjoy!
We Are Incomplete (3 Song Pre-Release) Enjoy!
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William Stenner: Bio Singer Songwriter I write music because it is therapeutic for me. Whether Im happy, sad, mad or even just relaxed, there is always a tune that begins to flow in my head. Not only does it flow in my head but I can feel it. If I don't get out the music that is inside of me I start pacing and getting very ancy. Ever Since I could remember I was always fascinated with how music was made. I used to beat on pots and pans and to my mothers suprise, I was holding a beat. In the late 1980's I would hang out with this punk rock band called Side Effects in Whittier, Ca. I was 13 or 14. We tore down a skate board ramp and turned it into a stage so Black Flag could play a backyard party. It was held at family friend... read more