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Kara (Bonus Track Version)
Kara (Bonus Track Version)
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We Are Shining is a project comprised of the London duo A-Cyde and Morgan Zarate.Known for their hypnotic blend of vocal led beats, their music exhibits a lack of restraint - intense ups and downs, raw beats and random noise. Their music adheres to to no single genre or style but has been said to be unique in its forward thinking approach. The duo's debut track, Wheel, was released by Marathon Artists in October 2013 to glowing reviews. We Are Shining collaborated with Eliza Doolittle in 2013 to produce Killing, gaining high acclaim not only for the track but also for the breath taking video. Devileye, a collaboration with Rose Gabor in 2013, has solidified the duo's reputation for creating iconic and unique tracks.T.. read more