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No Compromise
No Compromise
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VONDUR is IT and ALL, a Swedish group that dates back to a little after the black metal's second wave began. It seems they had a bleak and irreverent approach to playing black metal music, at times coming off as fairly ridiculous–perhaps mockingly so. "Stridsyfirlysing" came out on Necropolis records (1995). Little known fact: Stephen O'Malley of Southern Lord/Sunn designed the awesome Star Wars based art for the album. Vondur had a second offering, an Ep entitled "The Galactic Rock'n'Roll Empire" (Necropolis Recs 1996) features cover songs (of Elvis (sort of), Judas Priest, and Motley Crue–as well as a little original material. Opthalamia and Abruptum are related projects.... read more